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We are looking for native English speaking person to stay at us for free in our separated penthouse at upstairs. We expect him/her to teach and spend some time to practice English with us and with our daughter for few hours everyday. You’ll have opportunity to meet both local and native English speaking people in a restful, modern, reliable and unspoilt environment where you will make many friends. And also experience delicious food of mine if you prefer.

We’re a family of a couple with an 8 years old daughter living in Turkish Riviera (also known popularly as Turquoise Coast) in southwestern part of Turkey named Kaş/Antalya which is one the best touristic point in the World. We are working from home, me for a multinational pharmaceutical company as supply chain manager, and my husband Ilker; former art director in several agencies is now freelancer graphic designer. We both are volunteer scuba diving instructors, experienced sea kayakers and cavers. We are easy going, reliable, environmentalist, people loving to travel and meet new people around the world.

Period we’d prefer will be minimum 1 month between November and April. Accommodation will be free. We have high speed Wi-Fi, additional bike in case you want to use.

Full details: https://helpstay.com/stays/Experience-Turkish-Culture-Living-Family-Turkey

Expires: Sept 15, 2021


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