Stalking A Travel Blogger

The travel blogger sniffed the air and failed to detect our duty free scent. Thinking himself in no danger he focused his attention on exiting Heathrow Airport, the final stage of his epic migration from Australia to London.

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#RTWsoon: Brendon Vince

When we spoke to Brendon Vince he was in the last stages of planning his exit from Montreal, where he had for the previous two years been working in the video games industry. A 26 year old Australian and self confessed nerd, Brendon caught the travel bug while travelling throughout the US and Canada and more recently got his first taste of backpacking and hostel life when he was in Los Angeles and San Francisco for a week.

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Catch 22 Travel Tips

After thieves stole his shoes and left him travelling parts of Latin America in his bare feet, Lincoln Yates set up Catch 22 Travel Security Products to stop this happening to other backpackers. Here he shares his advice for theft free travels.

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