Assist Teachers in Preschool

ARGENTINA / Voluntario Global NGO

The kindergarten does more than provide food for the children, as the teachers aim to educate both children and their parents. This community in particular needs the support mainly for the children, and this kindergarten provides that opportunity since it is difficult to find it elsewhere.

Volunteer’s Role
The volunteer is able to do a lot to help in this context. They can play with the children, organize activities to entertain them such as music, movies, sports or art activities. The volunteer can be the source of energy and good vibes for the children and they can also be a shoulder to lean on for the teachers. In addition to this, the volunteers can also exchange with them about their respective cultures and traditions, imparting their knowledge with those who do not have the same opportunities as them. Their viewpoint can be a positive thing for the improvement of the organization of the kindergarten and they can also provide a fun change in the daily routine of the children.


Expires: Feb 15, 2021


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