Animal Shelter Volunteer

JAPAN / Japan Cat Network

Seeking motivated individuals to work at one of two locations.

In Tokyo our volunteers live and work at an animal shelter. Volunteers are expected to see to the daily care of the animals needs. Tasks for every shift include feeding the cats and dogs, giving medication, walking the dogs, scooping litter boxes, washing used cat bowls and socializing with the animals. On a daily basis the additional tasks are to wash litter boxes in each room based on the day of the week, vacuum and steam mop the floors in each cat room. On an as needed/weekly basis volunteers are asked to wash the water bowl, prepare carriers for cats leaving the house (to new homes of the vet), set up cat cages for incoming cats, count doing inventory, completing special projects, making vet visits, and socializing with guests. This is not an all inclusive list.

In Kyoto, volunteers work at a local kindergarten playing with the kids and using simple English phrases with them. They are not left alone with the children nor are they responsible for lesson planning.
In exchange for your hard work of 5 hours/day 5 days/week, our volunteers live in a co-ed dorm style room with, great wifi, limited vegan meal supplies, and a comfy bed. Tokyo offers the bonus of alll the love and you could want from our pups and kitties.

For more information, as well as our application please contact us at

Nationalities Accepted/Visa Requirements: we cannot assist with obtaining or renewing a visa

Expires: Apr 30, 2020


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