Air Cabin Crew Tweets

Air Cabin Crew Tweets

What does the cabin crew think of us, their jobs, airline, and life in general? One way to find out is to look at their tweets:

Heather Poole
Bio: Flight attendant – Yeah, that’s me, the one wearing flammable polyester…

“Once had a passenger kick the cart as hard as he could & then scream “U hit me!” Stunned I just stood there.”

“Oh I just love working an 10hr day without a catered meal & then have to set up the cockpits steak dinner. GRRRRR…”

Bio: I fly….alot…and blog about it too…sometimes I am even aware of what city i am in.

“I literally had a passenger come into the crew rest area, wake me up and ask for diapers. I was momentarily afraid she meant adult size…”

“Lady Gaga was travelling on us today, papparazzi snapping her checking in for the flight. How is getting a boarding card newsworthy?”

Amelia Kelly
Bio: I fly, therefore I blog! AvGeek, travel enthusiast, cabin crew helper, ‘aviation nerd’ fashion lover, shoe collector.

“Dear 26D, if the toddler in row 8 can hold in his farts, then so can you, you’re gassing out our galley!”

“Woo. Hoo. I’ve been selected for company brainwash- errr, ‘training’ later in the month. I just LOVE classroom work *sarcasm*”

Bio: 24, male, half British half French, ex Flight Attendant for Emirates.

“A window seat is not a God-given right”

Bio: Flight Attendant, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

“Dear Flight Attendant: can u stop pimping ur products and/or services on passengers! Atleast wait until we are done with service. LMAO”

Image courtesy FaceMePLS


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