How To Find A Cheap Nile Cruise Ship In Egypt

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Save Money On A Nile Cruise In Egypt

I love Egypt. It may even be my favourite country. But there is no doubt it is one of the most stressful to travel around. From the moment a tourist steps outside their hotel door they become a target of all manner of touts.

Claims that ‘my [insert item here] is the best [insert item here]’ come thick and thin even if you had never cared for a [insert item here] before or even now.

Our initial idea was to journey from Aswan to Luxor by felucca. These traditional wooden sailing boats have plied their way up and down the Nile for centuries. But so sick of being propositioned by captains every five steps along the Nile-side corniche, we decided we didn’t want to spend any longer in their company, and instead looked at the high sides of the cruise ships moored in town and thought: “none of these buggers is going to get near us on that: I want one of them.”

Because we hadn’t intended to take a Nile cruise on a ship, we didn’t have any prior information on prices. So, as we were already in situ, we figured the best way to save our budget was to start asking around. Do it directly rather than put a man in the middle.

Play games on a cruise ship travelling the Nile from Aswan to Luxor

The Dock Walk

If you have the time and the inclination the cheapest way to arrange a cruise is to do it yourself. We walked on and off each ship moored in Aswan asking the captain how much it would cost, for how long and how many stops. This won’t be an activity for everyone but we were going for a walk anyway and quite enjoyed chatting to members of the crew, pausing once in a while to accept an offer of tea or a pomegranate juice.

It was quite a while ago that we did this, so any guidance on the price we paid won’t be of much use now, but our trip included all meals and a stop at Edfu on the way to Luxor. You should get a good idea of the price to pay after walking onto the first four or five boats but we carried on looking at more ships. We quite enjoyed the novelty of a walk along the corniche where we could choose who to speak to rather than have people in our faces all the time.

At the end of our walk, once we had enough prices to compare, we turned around and walked up the ramp of our selected ship to make the final arrangements.

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