2020 Borneo Conservation Field Construction Program

INDONESIA / Orangutan Foundation International

Come To Borneo And Be Part Of Our 2020 Conservation Field Construction Program

Orangutan Foundation International has volunteer opportunities available for active individuals who are willing to get their hands dirty and help save one of the earth’s most bio-diverse island in the world!

OFI has several missions:

To promote awareness of orangutans as endangered species

To actively protect and help conserve wild orangutans and their tropical rainforest habitat

To rescue and care for ex-captive orangutans, rehabilitating and releasing them to secure and safe sites in the forest

Conduct observational research on orangutans and their ecology

Journey with us to Borneo, the world’s oldest rainforest and help build much needed structures! It can be a bridge, an animal enclosure, an infant orangutan jungle gym, or another type of structure to help OFI continue our important work of saving orangutans and their rainforest habitat.


TEAM 1 – July 12th – July 25th, 2020
TEAM 2 – August 23rd – September 5th, 2020


US$1,275 per Project


Food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Materials for the completion of the project
Local Assistance
Travel to and from the program site from the town airport


International and internal travel
You may purchase to and from the closest airport which is located near the town of Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan Tengah (Central Borneo, Indonesia)
Snacks, Postage, Activities outside the team experience
The cost of entry into Tanjung Puting National Park


Fill out the online application @ ConservationBorneo.com
Email your Resume & Cover Letter @ ofi.volunteerteams@gmail.com

If your written application is successful, you will be contacted by one of our volunteer coordinators and interviewed by Phone or Skype. You will receive a letter of acceptance and will need to pay the deposit of $275 in order to reserve your spot.

Volunteers does not need experience in the field, just a desire to help, a sincere interest in forest conservation and orangutan survival, a willingness to work hard and be part of OFI mission and work.

Expires: Aug 23, 2020


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