2019 Construction Team Short-Term Volunteer Program

INDONESIA / Orangutan Foundation International

Orangutan Foundation International has volunteer opportunities available for active individuals who want to get their hands dirty and help save one of the earth’s most bio-diverse areas. Come to Borneo, the world’s oldest rainforest, and help OFI build a much-needed structure! You may be building a bridge, an enclosure, an infant orangutan jungle gym, or another structure to help OFI continue our work to save orangutans in the rainforest.

Field volunteers complete projects that aid critically important aspects of our on-the-ground programs. The Field Construction Volunteer Program was developed because concerned individuals asked to participate directly in the work. We believe that together we can ensure that wild orangutans do not become extinct in our lifetimes.

Dates for 2019:
● Team 1: July 7- 27
● Team 2: August 11- 31

Be ready for:
● Hands-on manual work in a hot, humid, equatorial environment
● Buzzing, biting insects and the rare venomous snake
● Basic, remote, isolated living conditions: no running hot water, rudimentary toilet and shower facilities
● Possibly sleeping in the middle of the forest in temporary shelters
● 3 meals per day (rice and vegetables, possibly supplemented by eggs, chicken, tofu, or fish)
● Construction work: building, carrying, sawing, cutting, etc. – heavy lifting required!

For more information, please visit our web page: https://orangutan.org/volunteer/construction-program/

Contact Information:
OFI Volunteer Committee
824 Wellesley Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Telephone Number: 310-820-4906
Website: http://www.orangutan.org
E-mail Address: ofi.volunteerteams@gmail.com

Expires: Sept 1, 2019


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