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The main part of the Jobs Abroad Bulletin website is our newsletter. Once or twice a month we do a sweep of other websites and social media, rounding up our findings to send to our subscribers. In between newsletters, we share the vacancies we find in our Facebook group. We occasionally are also sent vacancies by employers. These we put in our Latest Jobs pages.

This keeps us busy enough but over the years we have also built, and try to keep up to date, a large archive of articles, links and leads for finding paid and volunteer work abroad.

Articles, Links & Leads

For more information on working abroad, we have a selection of Work and Volunteer Abroad articles. Topics covered include Tourism, Catering & Hospitality, Ski Resort Jobs, Teaching English, Au Pair & Nannying, Summer Camps, Other Work, Volunteering and Location Independence. Each category is backed up by our big directory of Working Abroad Links. For travel articles, The Working Traveller blog mixes up our own travel experiences and photos with ideas, news, tips and features for working and travelling abroad.

Cheap Volunteering

We are growing our Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad section into a resource for grassroots NGOs and volunteer projects to find a helping hand and for travellers to locate inexpensive options to offer their skills and muscle. A section on backpacker hostels and guest houses open to volunteer work exchanges can be found here too.