Blogger’s Guide To Digital Nomad & Location Independent Jobs

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Digital Nomad, Freelancing & Location Independent

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Whether working from the beach or perched on the end of the bed in a grotty hostel bumming wifi from the bar next door, digital nomads, full time bloggers, travel writers, guidebook contributors and authors all make their living with the written word, so it is no surprise we have found plenty of advice on these subjects.

From Hobby To Career: The Complete Evolution Of Our Blog
When Johnny Ward first inspired Dariece and Nick to begin a blog they had no idea where it would take them. In this post they chart their beginnings falling foul of Google in Koh Phangan to making around $10,000 a month four years later.

47 Best Remote Job Sites To Find Your Dream Job
Digitalnomadsoul helps your search for that perfect job. They provide an extensive list of remote job sites to find something that works best for you and your needs.

How I Earn A Full-Time Living As A Part-Time Freelance Blogger
Elna Cain tells us that building her website and blog, guest posting on popular sites, getting noticed by influencers in her industry and having a strong social presence finally paid off and she is now a successful part-time freelance blogger.


How to Become a Freelance Writer and Earn $4,000 a Month
Gina shares indepth lessons with actionable advice to help kick start your writing career.

10 Cold Hard Facts About Running A Content Business
Carlo and Florence left Ireland with a one way ticket to Ireland, where they begun to scale up their freelance writing into a business that could be run from anywhere in the world.

Bloggers Travel for Free?
After a press trip to Thailand Talon Windwalker shares what it actually means to travel on someone else’s dime and time.

32 Professional Travel Blogger Secrets I’ll Let You in On
If sperm and egg can turn into a baby in nine months then Vicky Philpott feels she’s long enough in her job to let you in on what being a travel blogger is really like.

The Number 1 Secret of Successful Travel Bloggers
As many posts as there are about achieving blogosphere stardom, there is one thing left out: most successful bloggers employ at least one virtual assistant. Jessica Peterson explains what they do and where to find one.

Online Teacher: The New Way to Teach a Language
When looking for a new job one day, Nina Ragusa stumbled upon a job opening for an online teacher and has been teaching English in a virtual classroom ever since.

Is it Legal to be a Digital Nomad?
The legality of being a digital nomad is unclear for many, no matter where you go, and a point particularly rammed home for Michael Hulleman when police raided co working spaces in Chiang Mai.

6 Discoveries After 6 Months as a Full-Time Travel Blogger
Half a year in to turning her hobby of travel blogging into a full time career Gloria Atanmo shares what she has learnt.

8 Websites To Start Your Freelance Writing Career
Here’s a handy list of freelance writing websites to find people willing to buy your articles.

How We Make a Full Time Income Online
Carlo and Florence go through the multiple streams of income they have created to keep them on the road.

How Bloggers Get Free Products
Monica answers one of the most common questions put to travel bloggers: how do I start a blog and get free stuff?

Digital Nomads & Travellers – Finding The Perfect Balance
If they don’t travel, they have nothing to write about and if they don’t write they can’t afford to travel. Nick and Dariece discuss how they find a balance between working and exploring the destinations they visit.

Freelance Freak: How to Work Online to Travel Longer
Nina Ragusa discusses the money that you can make at midnight before you go to sleep, while you are bored on a rainy day, or even before you set off to a beautiful beach for the day.

Essential Time-Saving Upgrades Every Digital Nomad Should Consider
As a digital nomad, time on the computer is money, so Nick and Dariece made some relatively inexpensive investments into their electronics to speed up their work efficiency.

Why I Promote Dropshipping: Inside Look on How Much I Make From My Dropshipping Stores and My View as an Affiliate of Dropship Lifestyle
Johnny FD promotes drop shipping as an affiliate.

How to Work and Travel as a Freelance Digital Media Professional
Anna Phipps interviews Mili Ani. Originally from Israel she takes her work all over the world with her, helping businesses with their web presence.


The World’s Best Bank Accounts For International Travelers And Nomads
Every time you swipe your card in a foreign country, your bank is charging exorbitant fees and giving you a terrible exchange rate. Thomas K. Running divulges which are the most nomad friendly banks.

How to Get a Complimentary Hotel Stay as a Travel Blogger
Trisha Velarmino stays for free in hotels around the world and says we can too.

10 Ways to Monetize Your Blog
Expanding your services beyond the usual sponsored blog posts, online advertisements and sponsored backlinks, helps engage more readers and earn higher profits as well, says Shraddha Gupta.

Are You a Slow Movement Blogger?
After four years of blogging nearly three quarters of Shraddha Gupta’s trips are not yet published, captured only on her hard disk and summarised in her travel notes, as she writes when she wants and posts at her own pace.

Reader Question: How Do You Earn a Living Abroad?
Bryan & Dena are younger than most of the expats in Cuenca, Ecuador, who receive a monthly income from their pensions or investments. So how do they make the money they need to stop them having to return to Canada?

The Joy of ‘Blogging for Exposure’ vs What Magazines Get Paid
As a blogger who used to work for magazines Vicky Philpott knows how advertisers approach both industries and presents this guide to helping us decide which opportunities are worth pursuing and which are ‘lol, fuck off’ emails.

Blog+Work Balance? How do Bloggers With Full-Time Commitments do it?
Soon after going back to grad school and working two jobs on campus, Shraddha Gupta realised it’s difficult to create a balance between work, study and blogging all at the same time.

How We Live And Work Abroad In A New Country Every 3-6 Months
Where to next? is the biggest decision Radhika and Johnny face as they explain how they decide between Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, the UAE, or wherever else they will chose to spend the next three months.

Getting a SIM Card and Wi-Fi Access in Thailand: 4G Data Hacks, Plus AIS Super WiFi Guide
We should be in Thailand by the time this is published and Jame’s excellent guide will be helpful in assisting us, and you, to get data on our phone as soon as we arrive in Thailand, including the mythical super wifi fibre speeds.

Ho Chi Minh: The Perfect Digital Hotspot for Techy Travellers
Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is a popular stopping off point for travellers of all kinds, especially people like Carlo and Florence who work online while travelling.

How I Started a Pinterest Consulting Side Hustle
What if you could earn a substantial side income by playing around on Pinterest all day? Leah Davis explains how she earns up to $1500 a month providing Pinterest account management services to travel bloggers.

An Open Letter to Bloggers Struggling to Get More Traffic
Despite knowing “how do I get more traffic to my blog?” is the wrong question to ask, Jon Morrow has said nothing. The little so and so makes amends with this post so we’ll forgive him this time.

6 Things I Stopped Doing After 2 Years as a Travel Blogger
For Antonette, being nice to everyone, caring about her looks and watching TV are no longer some of her favourite things.

An Open Letter to Advertisers Who Don’t Appreciate Our Hard Work
Hey advertisers, make it believable when you tell Trisha Velarmino you like her work, otherwise you are going in the junk folder.

Turning a Blog into a Business: 7 Things I Did Right
Amanda Williams never expected anyone except her parents to read her blog, let alone that she would one day make money from it. But as time went by and her audience began growing she faced a decision: Was her blog going to remain just a hobby, or was it time to start thinking about it as a business and eventually a career?

How to Get Paid to Travel the World
A juggled combination of things, from social media consulting to photography services, determines where Christy Woodrow’s next dollar will come from.


How Do Travel Bloggers Make Money?
Gigi Griffis doesn’t know even one person who is supporting themselves solely from blogging. So in a quest to find out how they survive she asks a bunch of bloggers to share the wildly diverse ways they make their living.

The Full Blog Monetization Menu – 60+ Ways to Make Money With Your Blog
From fan funding to selling your blog, Paul Back shows us the options we have to make the right monetization decisions.

Travel vs. Travel Blogging is a Vital Choice
All Shraddha Gupta wanted to do was get lost in the mountains once she finally got to the point when people started to accept her as a travel blogger.

Influencers: to Pay or Not to Pay?
Olivier Blanchard examines the ethics of paying influencers.

How To Create Original Content for Your Blog: Good Writing Practices
Trisha Velarmino tries to make up for putting one of her readers off blogging.

How to Make Money Travel Blogging
Have you ever dreamed of packing your bags, quitting your 9 to 5 job and setting off on an adventure of a lifetime travelling the world? Of course you have. Stupid question. Why else are you reading DN/LI/TB? The 25 travel bloggers interviewed here did too, and they made it happen.

Work From Home: The 10 Best Sites for Landing a Remote Job
A long commute, terrible traffic, constant distractions and impromptu meetings are among the reasons you might be ready to start your remote job hunt.

How to Create an Affiliate System in Your Travel Niche
Unlike most articles on making money as an affiliate, Yeison Kim’s post includes information on creating your own affiliate system, an idea he and partner Samantha use to earn greater profits on their Costa Rican travel blog.

Quit Your Job, Sell Your Stuff and be a Digital Nomad? NO. Not Yet!
After a year and a half of blogging, KemKem still hasn’t been seduced to ditch the 9 to 5 and join the pyramid scheme of encouraging others to quit their jobs and try to make a living as a digital nomad.

I Quit My Job To Be A Travel Writer, And Now I’m Broke And Unemployed
Colourful pictures of Italian gelato and girls with their arms raised towards a sweeping view convinced Jo Fraser to toss aside her job and head to Thailand. She tells us more in this post published in the Huffington Post, who, by total coincidence, are the subject of the next post we share today…

Unpaid Huffington Post Bloggers Actually Do Want To Get Paid
At the Huffington Post, one special point of pride, apparently, is being able to avoid paying writers for their work, according to the site’s UK editor-in-chief, Steven Hull. Brendan James investigates how writers feel about this.

The Dark Side of the Digital Nomad
Since the whole “Work Online, Travel the World and Live the Dream” angle had been done to death in a million places, Mark Manson decides to go the other direction and show the challenges one faces, the emotional pitfalls and the social sacrifices.

And Then, Cancer
Because of their great advice on house sitting, Dalene and Pete Heck have featured regularly in our sister column Workers of the World Weekly. It’s with sadness we learn of Dalene’s diagnosis with leukaemia and hope she gets well soon. She explains what it means both for her (or oversharing as she calls it) and for their popular travel blog.

How I Started Tiffany Lamp Collection (One of my Drop Shipping Stores)
For those who want to know more about drop shipping, Johnny FD reveals the secrets behind one of his online stores.

Websites That Pay Writers: These 92 Sites Offer $50 and Up
Jennifer Roland collates a list of websites that pay writers at least $50 per post or article. While put together a few years ago, it looks like Jeniifer goes through it once in a while to prune broken links.

When to Post on Instagram
Instagram can be such a finicky child to figure out, says Amanda, but once you get it, you can actually do quite well when it comes to exposure, followers, and engagement.

Why a Virtual Job is the Best Choice for Working Abroad
While most travellers looking to support themselves by taking a job abroad will encounter visa hurdles to work in another country, when your money is coming from the USA or Europe immigration is far more relaxed to have you settle down with your laptop and spend your earnings, says Tim Leffel.

11 Secrets To Becoming A Professional Travel Blogger
Want to become a professional travel blogger? Learn how to grow and improve your travel blog with Matthew Karsten’s best tips after five years of professional blogging.

How to Work Remotely While Having the Adventure of a Lifetime
For Sean Ogle it was the undulating cornfields in Nebraska that drove home the reality that he can work from anywhere.

The 5 Types of Travel Bloggers
One of Amanda’s favourite things to figure out while discovering new travel bloggers is learning what their travel blogging lifestyle is.

15 Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers
Amanda shares some writing prompts to get travel and expat bloggers out of their writer’s block.

How We Got More Than $30,000 in 12 Months With Mytanfeet
Yeison and Samantha share their story and all the steps they did in order order to earn more than $30,000, in cash and goodies, with just one travel blog in one year.

Life on the Road: The History of Digital Nomadism
Rob Nightingale takes us way back to 1983 when Steve Roberts peddled around the US while maintaining his full time writing career.

Pinterest for Travel Bloggers
It was not that long ago that Gemma was a social media newbie but now Pinterest is her biggest referrer each month.

Financial Case Study: Sharon Gourlay, Blogger and Website Manager
Nora Dunn puts her questions to Sharon Gourlay, who makes around $5,000 a month through her travel blog and two Amazon niche sites built to maximize affiliate earnings.

From Ireland to Yemen and South Sudan: Meet the Man Who’s Just Visited All 197 Countries in the World
We could have chosen any one of several articles published in the national press recently about Northern Irish traveller Johnny Ward, who finally completed his ten year quest to visit every country in the world. Initially funding his travels by medical research testing and teaching English, Johnny earned over a million dollars from his blog and the over 100 websites he built in between smuggling himself across borders, bribing officials and buying properties in London and Bangkok..

7 Things I’ve Learned from 7 Years of Travel Blogging
Begun with some impressive coding skills Kirstie Jeffries’ blog has taken her from her university dorm room in California to living in Australia, via studying and teaching in Spain.

Financial Case Study: Rachel, Freelance Copywriter
Realising she could be doing what she was doing from anywhere, Rachel booked a one way ticket to Spain and has never looked back.

Our Digital Nomad Life: Your Questions Answered
From how they choose where to go next to managing their relationship as a couple and as business partners, Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn answer question about their nomadic lifestyle.

The Stages of Freelance Writing Guilt
It’s one in the morning and Candice Walsh has been working for 13 hours. She does a quick mental calculation of how much sleep she needs and realises she could fit in another three hours of work. Most likely though she’ll spend this time weeping over the pay offered on UpWork.

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program
Darren Rowse does as a little dance as he realises he’s made $600,000 since he joined the Amazon Affiliate Program in 2003.

Reflections on 2000 Days as Digital Nomads
By turning their ten day old travel blog into a business that has allowed them to keep on travelling over five years after they left the UK, Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn were able to tear up their back up plans to teach English in Taiwan, crew on yachts in the Caribbean, or get a working holiday visa in Australia.

Working Wednesdays: Taking The Stress Out of Travel Blogging
When he worked behind a bar Jonny Blair was able to come home, grab a beer, watch football and chill out. As a travel blogger he finds himself becoming a little passive aggressive in response to the demands of the job.

Ten Ways To Build Your Blog While Traveling
Travelling and blogging should go hand in hand for travel bloggers but, as Lindsay has discovered, the two tend to get in the way of each other so planning and some ninja tricks are in order.

How to Know What to Charge for Slotting Fees (ad space)
Having just won the pinnacle award for Affiliate Manger of the year at Affiliate Summit, Adam Riemer shares one of the tools he uses to measure a site, help a blogger find their value and affiliate managers estimate success.

How to Make Money With a Video Blog: $1000 a Month Vlogging!
You can’t just build a blog, put up a few video posts and expect the money to come rolling in but it is possible to make real money as a Vlogger.

60 Useful Resources for Digital Nomads
It’s been four years since their last post on digital nomad resources so it’s time for an update on the technology and equipment that makes nomadic life possible for Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn.

My 10 Minute SEO Tip to Give you Thousands of Page Views!
SEO is a powerful tool and Sharon Gourlay’s favourite way to increase traffic. This is because the traffic should last for years, unlike Twitter or Facebook where you share a post and you might get some traffic for a day or two but then it is dead.

How To Work With Interns: A Step-By-Step Guide
Bret Love and Mary Gabbett’s Green Global Travel was an early adopter of taking on interns, who they believe can be a huge help to any business and gave them a leg up when they were trying to establish a foothold in a fiercely competitive field.

My First 3 Months as a Digital Nomad
After 16 months living in a hostel and working a 9 to 5 job while on his working holiday in Edinburgh, Brendon Vince bought himself a one way ticket to Chiang Mai and, with less than two months worth of money to his name, no credit card or backup funds, attempted to build an online income.

Amazon’s Markup of Digital Delivery to Indie Authors is ~129,000%
With his book out, Andrew Hyde writes about the launch and lessons he has learned, including that he would prefer if you bought it somewhere other than Amazon.

Travel Bloggers – 7 Detailed Strategies to Make Money
Unless you know how and where to properly implement a monetisation strategy specifically for travel blogging, you could be missing out on real ways to keep yourself on the road and visiting new destinations, says Adam Riemer.

Zero to 18,000 Page Views – An Honest Report
Ruben Arribas shares the early steps he took in building his blog.

18 Travel Blog Monetization Methods From Pro Travel Bloggers
Unless their blog is making money many travel bloggers quit as soon as their trip ends, or after a year or two more of blogging from home. The travel bloggers featured in this post each found ways to keep going their freedom to travel.

31 Awesome Places to Find Remote Work
One of these lovely bunch of links might mean you never again have to get dressed to do your job.

How To Travel The World While Working Freelance
Vanessa Elizabeth hates being asked “How can you afford to travel the world?”

A Small Guide For Beginners
A helpful Redditor posts to the FreelanceWriters subreddit.

How To Make Money Blogging ($12,000 in 6 months!)
Whenever Sabina tells people what she does, the conversation immediately turns to money. She used to duck this question but is willing to reveal all now she has actually made some.

A Nomad Guide to Incorporating in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a good base to incorporate your business and open a bank account, says James Hunt.  Its advantages include 0% corporation tax on offshore profits, reasonable accounting rates, and an accessible position in Asia for digital nomads or location independent professionals who spend time in the area.

How I Earn Money Online as a Digital Nomad
While she’s sure you’ve read a million other posts like this before (if you regularly read this column that is certainly true) because just about every blogger has one, Leah figured since everyone’s story is a little different and it wouldn’t hurt to put hers out there too.

How I Made $1,000,000 Dollars in 3 Years Blogging
Writing from his mortgage free two bed apartment in Bangkok, Johnny Ward reveals how he went from an office job in Sydney to media millionaire.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Become a Digital Nomad
Aileen Adalid become a digital nomad to jumpstart her travelling lifestyle and quickly became one of the most accomplished new travel bloggers around.

When Your Caribbean Bedroom Is Your Office
When the cat head butts open the bathroom door, Kirstie Lindsay narrowly escapes being exposed on the toilet as her business consultant husband takes a Skype call.

Online Business Income Report July 2019
We orginally had an income report from May 2017 here, a month, by bringing in $36,000, we thought had been good to the Reese Family, but holy crap July 2019.

Blogging is No Easier Than Being a Stripper
Jema sort of says there’s much more to blogging than standing up on stage wiggling your butt.

How to Increase 3x Traffic to Your Blog in 3 Months
Miguel’s young blog went from 6,500 to 20,000 visits a month. He explains his six steps to triple your visitors with quality traffic, mostly from Google and Pinterest.

I Teach English on Skype: My Way to Earn Money Online
Joanna thought a digital nomad was someone who could design websites, programme, or help people with promoting their businesses – things she couldn’t do. But when a friend told her about teaching online she was able to quit her job in a Thai school and start living the dream.

Disadvantages of Teaching English Online
Thanks to teaching English online she has managed to live in Thailand, Vietnam and Poland but so far naughty Joanna has only told us about the advantages. There are a few disadvantages and, here, she redresses the balance and tells us about them.

Stuff About Being A Digital Nomad That No One Tells You
We no longer have to sacrifice our careers or put our earning potential on hold to see the many marvels this earth has to offer, says Noni May, but what is it really like in practice?

How to get a Thai Tax ID Without a Work Permit (Digital Nomads)
Harvie explains both how and why digital nomads in Thailand might want to have a legitimate paper trail of their income.

How Travel Writing Evolved Into Travel Blogging, and What Brands Get From Both
Selfies, hashtags and Vine videos aren’t the stuff of lofty travel writing, says Nicole Spector, but it’s the way of the digital and mobile world, where the appetite for bite sized bits of content to consume while scrolling is insatiable, and increasingly attractive to brands.

How I Make Money as a Digital Nomad: June 2017 Income Report
Each month eternal expat Laura Bronner explains how she has kept herself fed for the past seven years in Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, the UK and Mexico.

How to Find the Best Press Trip Opportunities in 2020
You’re not alone if you are wondering how to get invited on exciting international press trips or curious about how to find opportunities to participate in an individual media trip? For Michele Peterson, who runs a travel writing course, these are among the most popular questions put to her.

How To Make Money and Travel The World As an Online ESL Teacher
From how to find a job to what the role entails, Rachel and Sasha of Grateful Gypsies share their experience working as online English teachers around the world.

Explode Your Social Following Numbers With This 6-Day Success Schedule
Nick and Dariece have been paid upwards of $500 for a post on social media, and have made thousands of dollars from Instagram Takeovers and Twitter Chats, so they know how important your social media numbers can be.

50 Websites That Pay Aspiring Digital Nomads
Money makes the world go round and it also helps digital nomads to go round the world.

Dear Nora: 17 Tools to Run Your Location Independent Business
Are you developing a location independent business and wondering how to maximize your time and effort? Then look no further; Nora Dunn has what you need besides an internet connection and a computer to run a top notch online business.

How To: Blog as a Couple
Blogging as a couple is a massive time saver, which is just as well when persistent family members demand a blog – one that looks nice, and not too expensive – from serial American expats, Drew and Julie.

How to Use Medium: The Complete Guide for Marketers
Imagine starting a blog with zero overhead. Imagine having a place online to write your thoughts, tips, and learnings and share with a built-in audience and an immediate potential for viral traffic. Imagine a really great writing app. Well, that’s Medium, begins Kevan Lee.

Organization Tips For Digital Nomads: How to Balance Work When You’re Traveling at the Same Time
it can often prove difficult to juggle full time travel when you’re also trying to stay on top of a full time workload. Megan Claire shares her tips for keeping the money rolling in without being stuck too long in front of a laptop screen.

Upwork Is Too Competitive – And 7 Other Bs Excuses You Keep Telling Yourself
Lewis examines eight excuses freelancers tell themselves about why Upwork doesn’t work.

The Easy Way to Set Up “Rich Pins” on Pinterest
Rich pins refer to Pinterest pins that have your website name and icon displayed underneath the pin image, easily directing users to the pin’s source – you!. Melyssa Griffin not only goes into more detail but is also incredibly active below the line.

5 Digital Nomad Spots Where You Can Live For Half The Cost
If you’re able to make money online, overseas or on the go, then you have probably already considered moving some place where your dollar, pound, euro or yen can go a little further. Nick Wharton runs the figures and makes his suggestions.

Location Independence: What Does It Really Mean?
As an online business owner and nomadic entrepreneur, it’s important for Ron to have the ability to pick up and move to another desirable location whenever he wants. The question is though, how does one prepare to do this?

9 Tips on How to be a Digital Nomad & Work Remotely
Nadine Shemilt virtually high fives us for deciding to become digital nomads.

4 Myths About Free Travel Debuked
Researching if it is possible to travel the world on sponsorship, Marie Hernandez, aka “sponsored media trip lady” sifts out the truth from the lies.

Instantly Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
Ever wondered what an effective Pinterest marketing strategy looks like? Rebekah Radice answers questions like how to pin, when to pin and how much to pin.

The “Traveler” Rules of WordPress Plugin Management
A popular traveller begins by signing an autograph with a pen and ends up with loads of luggage and a crappy camera. Read the post and you’ll understand what I’m on about. I checked to see if every one of our plugins is necessary after reading this.

11 Facebook Groups to Help Grow Your Blog
Most bloggers set up Facebook pages for their blogs and use them to promote posts, share interesting things and interact with their readers but this mummy blogger shows us other ways Facebook can help our blogs.

50+ Ways to Make Money Online While Traveling
Amy jots down the ways she has made money online, plus a load more ideas.

The Million-Dollar Blogger And His Life Of Total Travel
Poster boy for travel bloggers, Northern Irishman Johnny Ward reveals his life philosophy and shows how it is possible to achieve those dreams.

The Single Best Blogging Advice For Beginners
Nikki from The Pin the Map Project believes that the support of a blogging network is essential to develop a successful blog.

We Became PADI Ambassadivers!
Christine West and Adam Maire are chosen by PADI to represent the brand, promote scuba diving and bring more awareness to important social and ecological issues worldwide.

Stories: Tetiana Demydko, Virtual Assistant from Ukraine
Tetiana crossed the border to Poland to set up a company working as a VA helping medium and small companies with social media, research and email management.

Remote Job Options for Introverts Who Love to Travel
Building a work anywhere life wasn’t easy but Caitlin Pyle says it turned out to be more rewarding than she could ever have imagined.

I Didn’t Need To Be Rich. I Just Needed To Be Free
David Black shares his ideas on business and freedom on the Digital Nomad X blog.

How to Ask a Tour Operator for a Free Tour
Lorna Davidson tells us that there is a perfect way to ask a tour operator for a free tour and it can be done in four and a half easy steps.

The Ultimate List of Facebook Groups for Bloggers in Every State
When you join a Facebook group in your state Newspapergrl says you’ll find out about local events, sponsored posts and other opportunities.

Want To Get Paid For Photos? 5 Things You Do Wrong Bloggers!
Thetraveltester explains how to earn money with our photos.

The Importance of Being Yourself in Blogging
Vicky Philpot believes that being yourself is the best way to get the loyal readers and friends who will support your work and allow and encourage you to reach your travel blogging goals.

Get TEFL qualified & teach online anywhere in the world  

23 Productivity Tips From Digital Nomads Around The Globe
Maintaining productivity can be a tough challenge for anyone, let alone when you are changing desks every few days. Hailley Griffis shares a list of productivity tips to help you while working remotely.

The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your blog Traffic With Images
Maaike says that increasing the use of visuals can bring website visitors back for more.

Why Social Media Can Suck The Pus For Travel! The Anti Social Media Article!
The Travel Tart believes that social media should be taken in moderation and not overdosed on – whether at home or when travelling abroad.

How Much To Charge for a Sponsored Instagram Post
Lee Anne gives some advice on how to price a sponsored post on Instagram.

Top 5 Tips on Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger
Don’t Stop Living’s Jonny Blair believes that it is much easier to make a career out of Travel Blogging than ever before.

8 Websites To Start Your Freelance Writing Career
Murlu provides a list of websites to help you find writing jobs.

How to Get High-Paying “Whale” Clients on Freelance Platforms like Upwork and
Finding large, successful clients as a freelancer can transform your business, as they are more likely to provide ongoing work or additional projects in the future. Money Nomad Rob explains how instead of constantly chasing new work you can spend more time on tasks that actually earn money.

How One 24-Year-Old Runs A $70,000-a-month Business While Traveling The World
After growing envious of the flexible lifestyles of digital nomads she met, Aileen Adalid quit her $300 per month entry level job at Deutsche Bank to transition to a life of perpetual travel.

How We Make a Full Time Income Online
Next Stop Who Knows believe the uncertainty that goes with being your own digital boss is both extremely rewarding and frustrating.

A Change In Me – The Private Jonny Blair
Jonny speaks about the lack of privacy which can come with being a blogging personality.

Affording Travel Interview: Start an Online Business
When Karolina and Patryk realized that they wanted to spend their lives travelling they agreed that there was only one way for them to do it: start an online business and earn money online.

10 Cold Hard Facts About Running A Content Business
Carlo and Florence give the lowdown on setting up an online content operation.

Digital Nomad Problems: Nomadlist And Remoteok Founder Pieter Levels explains Why He Has Quit The Nomadic Lifestyle
After launching NomadList and RemoteOk, Pieter Levels became something of a common name in the burgeoning digital nomad community. Online he could be seen posting photos from Hong Kong one day, and tweeting from Thailand the next. His blog quickly became a place of inspiration for despairing office workers stuck at their 9 to 5 jobs. But as it turns out, even nomads can get tired of wandering.

How to Turn Your Business Blog Readers Into Paying Customers
Alicia Rades tells us that we have to be able to leverage our blog content in a way that convinces readers to trust and buy from us.

One Year of Blogging: Things I’ve Learned (And Things I Haven’t)
Migrating Miss looks back on her first year of blogging.

3 Signs It’s Time to Kill Your Blog
Susan Johnston Taylor tells us that she felt a sense of relief when she parted company with her blog.

Make a Living Writing From the Road: Tips for Working While Traveling
The Write Life gives some useful advice on how to improve our work productivity while away from home.

What To Expect From a Travel Writing Internship
The Cosy Traveller gives an insight into travel writing internships.

How to Travel Blog When Not Traveling
Despite being a travel writer, Nikki confesses to not travelling constantly. She gives her advice about writing your travel blog when you are at home.

How To Start Freelance Photography And Travel The World
Dominic Clarke gives the lowdown on freelance photography.

33 Ways To Monetize Your Website
Robert Mening tells us that turning a part time, hobby blog into an income generating asset is fairly common with a bit of luck and some hard work.

Kuching Digital Nomad Guide
If you are looking for an alternative digital nomad base to Chiang Mai, James Hunt thinks it may be worth considering Kuching, despite being met with a blank expression when he says he is working from there.

Our First Digital Nomad Report
Amy and Andrew show us how they are working towards their goal of a sustainable online income.

Sailing La Vagabonde’s Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum Are Watched by 1000s on YouTube
Meet the young woman who set sail around the world with a fellow traveller she had met just a few weeks earlier – and now thousands watch their life on the boat on YouTube.

Being A Digital Nomad vs. Being Location Independent
Being location independent is having a place to hang your travel souvenirs. It’s having a dog, an external monitor, a favourite coffee shop down the street. Steph Yoder believes that location independence gives her the best of both worlds.

How a 23-Year-Old Quit His Job to Build a $6m Online Travel Agency
Mark Trim reveals how he manages a successful online travel agency.

10 Signs That Your Digital Nomad Guru or Advisor Is a Crackpot
Nicholas Barang shares his views on self-proclaimed gurus.

The Dark Side of Digital Nomad Life, Going Beyond Bad Guru Techniques
Nicholas Barang started writing his column as a reaction to the endless stream of low quality material written about ‘digital nomad lifestyles’ but found he didn’t know the half of it when he took aim at Travis and Aaron Atlas.

Gear for Digital Nomads: Everything You Need for A Portable Office
According to Shawn Forno it is essential to streamline your office gear as much as possible and the only things you really need for a portable office are your phone, computer, and an internet connection.

Quit Your Job and Travel the World – How We Did It Blogging!
Alex and Lauren share seven steps that led them to success.

Throwing in the Towel: Why I Ended My Digital Nomad Trip Early
Phil Lennon found that to be a successful digital nomad your brain needs to be professional, social, ambitious, laid back, driven and flexible. Often at the same time. He gave up his planned trip because he was unable to find a fine balance between work and travel.

Working in the Travel Industry With Digital Nomads… When You have a Desk Job
While most of her friends are trying to strike a balance between work and life, Jessie Beck is trying to strike a balance between being a nomad and an un-nomad.

Why I Never Use Co-Working Spaces as a Digital Nomad & Why You Might Not Want to Either
When it comes to getting work done, Nicholas Barang prefers to work from his home rather than share his working space with others.

4 Harsh Realities Of Working As A Full-Time Digital Nomad
Kate Smith reveals some of the challenges facing remote workers.

We’re Not Weird in Chiang Mai!
If you hanker after a digital nomadic lifestyle Our Big Fat Travel Adventure believe that Chiang Mai could be just the place for you.

Kuching, The Next Chiang Mai
Thanks to its laid back atmosphere, fast internet, low cost of living and idyllic location between the sea and the Borneo rainforest, Kuching is quickly becoming a nomad hub. In this article, FreedomSurfer explains why it should be on your itinerary and provides some practical information.

On Influence, and Using It Wisely
Kate McCulley thinks about the strange and wonderful industry in which she has been active for the past seven years, and how new, purely money motivated entrants into the field are changing the landscape.

7 Real Reasons Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money
Createandgo reveal seven common misconceptions which prevent you from monetising your blog.

Jobs on the Road: Digital Marketer
Charmaine interviews Bryan Shelmon who firmly believes having a nomadic global lifestyle has helped him grow his network for current and future projects.

Why The Digital Nomad Lifestyle Is Not Sustainable
For those who think a nomadic lifestyle would be perfect DigitalNomadSoul suggests that we consider the downsides to such an existence.

Blog Income Report July 2017 – How We Made $25,904.67 in One Month Blogging
Alex Nerney gives an insight into the financial health of his business.

Here is an Actual Resource on Landing Pages. Not Just Another Ad
A Redditor puts together a series of guides, split into three chapters (101, build, optimize) to educate themself and others on landing pages.

Travel Jobs: How To Create And Sell Digital Information Products (And Earn Well)
Storyv provide us with a comprehensive guide to building an online business. This is a valuable resource for creating and selling digital information products.

Jobs on the Road: Video Game Artist
Sophie reveals how people can maintain the best of both worlds: travelling and building a career.

The Completely Free (Idiot’s) Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad and County Kerry Just Blew My Mind
Nathan emphasises the need for a clear business plan as he sees this as key to funding a DN lifestyle. He then shares happy family times in Kerry.

This Is What I’ve Learned During My Quarter-Life Crisis Trip to Bali
Kerri Mottola calls on us to make our life decisions based on criteria which challenge expectations. She tells us to resist the linear fashion in which we tend to look at our lives: School > Graduate > Job > Promotion > Money > Comfort > Happiness.

Travel Jobs: Exactly How We Make Money Online While Traveling
Hannah Finch’s in-depth article reveals various opportunities to earn income online.

28 Useful Facebook Groups For Travel Bloggers
Two Scots Abroad explain that Facebook groups differ in the type of support and possibilities they offer, from social shares threads to financial opportunities, technical help, and topic advice.

14 Ways to Find Good Travel Wifi Anywhere in the World
Shawn Forno gives us advice on the best ways to find free travel wifi that actually works.

What’s Your Advice for Becoming a Travel Writer?
If you are interested in making it as a travel writer you will find Jessie Beck’s tips on how to get started very useful.

The Emotional Labor of Female Travel Bloggers
From being asked advice on smuggling porn to personal messages from men via social media, Adventurous Kate advises that is okay for women travel bloggers to sometimes not engage with their readers.

How To Become A Digital Nomad. In 24 Hours (or Less!)
Beforeyourjobkillsyou offers us “digital nomadism” as a main dish with a large slice of irony on the side.

How to Build a Successful Startup While Working Remotely
In this article we see the systems that TripHappy have put in place to stay productive while remote, as well as the tools they use to collaborate as if they were sitting right next to each other.

As a Blogger on The Global Internet, What Laws in the World Apply to You?
Jeanette Jifkins provides us with five quick steps to protect your blog.

124 Places to Promote Your Travel Blog
If you are trying to get more people to your site, Triphappy offers useful advice.

1 Year In. My DN Experience
After receiving a lot of advice and motivation from the Digital Nomad Subreddit a long time lurker shares his own experience of his first year on the road.

F*ck Work-Life Balance
Jenn Sutherland-Miller introduces us to the concept of work life integration.

How to Legally Steal Competitors’ Backlinks (4 Steps)
When looking for ways to improve organic search engine rankings in just about any industry, there are still only two primary ranking factors that search engines like Google give priority to: content and backlinks. Murris Johnson focuses on backlinks and how to acquire some of the most impactful links using SEO Powersuite.

100+ Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Bloggers, & Digital Nomads
Leah Davis encourages us to participate in Facebook groups as you can learn so many important things about running an online business, about surviving as a freelancer, about growing a blog, and living a location independent lifestyle.

No, You Can’t Pick My Brain — And Here’s Why
Kristin says it is totally fine for a close friend to ask for advice/input but it is totally not fine for a perfect stranger to make their initial contact a request to pick your brain.

A Digital Nomad’s Guide to Berlin
Thomas Carney gives us the lowdown on where to work, stay and hang out in Berlin.

What I Did to Earn $5,000 in One Month as a New Freelance Writer
Setting goals and striving toward them is definitely important when you’re trying to succeed at freelance writing. Thewritelife outlines seven steps she followed to increase her freelance writing income.

Your Two Faced Digital (Nomad) Life
Jenn shares her views on personal branding, depression and the damage we’re doing one another.

Chiang Mai vs. Medellin: What Digital Nomads Are Saying
If you are torn between Chiang Mai and Medellin, Leah Davis can help you with your decision.

From Side Hustle To Full-Time Freelance Writing in 5 Simple Moves
See the five things that helped Gina Horkey to go from zero to full time freelance writer and get inspired.

Digital Nomad Life: Earnings & Challenges
A year since they set ourselves up in Thailand to become digital nomads, Amy and Andrew are still solvent and on the road.

How to Start Your Own Travel Magazine: An Interview with Nikki Scott from SEA Backpacker Magazine
Anna Phipps is stoked to be interviewing Nikki Scott, the founder and editor of the popular SEA Backpacker Magazine about how she funds her travels.

The 18 Best Writing Tips You’ll Ever Read
What do editors say about your writing when you’re not around? Nothing good thinks Lauren Holliday if you’re not following these 18 very important writing tips.

How I Wised Up After 8 Years and Got My First Freelance Writing Contract
It took John Weiler eight years to figure out how to get serious and treat his freelance career as a business.

Vacation?!? Wait, Aren’t We Always on Vacation?
The lines between vacation and normal life get awfully blurred for full time nomads but despite common opinion they are not on a permanent vacation, say Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, who, despite owning their own boat, chose a cruise ship to take their break.

A Digital Nomad Guide to Bali
Sarah takes us on a tour past the rice paddies, farmers, chickens and cows to Bali’s hustling expat and digital nomad scene.

Financial Case Study: Miguel (Travelsauro) – Blogger and Volunteer
After losing his job as an architect, Miguel began a new life travelling the world with no plans to stop. While making money with his blog, Miguel also cuts his costs volunteering for accommodation and food.

How I Made $1167 Blogging in December 2017
Despite getting jobless, Jamie Atkinson made a grand online at the end of last year from freelance writing and affiliate sales.

How To Stop Feeling Jealous Of Other Bloggers (+ Why ‘Stop Comparing Yourself’ Is Useless Advice)
Milou decides to stop judging herself against those bloggers with more readers and less stains on their clothing.

Confessions: Watch Out – The Blogger Burn Out is Watching You!
Hi, I’m Anto and I’m a workaholic. Nice to meet you! Says, erm, Anto, who kept ignoring her doctor and a build up of travel ailments to finish just one more article.

Influencers: to Pay or Not to Pay?
It doesn’t hurt a business to have one or two or five hundred credible, influential, trustworthy people talk about the merits of their product, but should money be changing hands? Olivier Blanchard weighs up why influencers should be paid, and why they shouldn’t.

When You’re a ‘Digital Nomad,’ the World Is Your Office
A global network of live-work spaces is springing up to serve this new breed of millennial wanderer, reports The New York Times.

Why I Left an Enviable Career in Travel Writing for PR: A First-Person Perspective
Leif Pettersen leaves behind the five-star visits to Istanbul, luxury fly fishing cruises in Chile and first class train trips across Australia for two smartphones and a generous salary with corporate America.

15 Tools for Running Your Business From The Road (Or While Naked On The Beach)
The owner of a travel gear company details some of the apps and online tools that allow him to run an efficient business operation from a mobile base.

The Beginning of the End
Kirsty Henderson’s ‘magic money’ gravy train is screeching to a halt.

500+ Ways To Make Money Online
Dave Schneider’s massive list of ways to make money with a computer and an internet connection.

The Day I Became An Expert: One Article, Millions Of Opinions (The Problem With Little White Girls…One Year Later)
A year after one of her posts went viral with over two million views, Pippa Biddle feels more comfortable identifying herself both as a writer and with some of the other opportunities the post opened up for her.

Why I Won’t Work For Free (And You Shouldn’t Either!)
Angie Orth rages against the moneyed companies trying to get her to do work for them for free.

Want to Work Abroad? Here Are 8 Digital Nomad Friendly Cities in Asia
Daniel Tay goes through Nomadlist and picks out the top eight cities in Asia to consider working from.

How I Earned $1,850 in Airbnb Credits (and You Can Too)
Fred Perrotta tells us about referral credits.

12 Things Travel Bloggers Can Do To Achieve Success In an Insanely Crowded Space
In the near decade since Gary Arndt began his wildly successful blog he has gone from knowing most other travel bloggers personally to offering this advice on how to stand out from the ever expanding crowd.

Why A Website Should Be Your Next Investment
Internet entrepreneur Dave, one half of A Couple Travelers and WOtW regular, provides information on calculating the ROI and performing due diligence when buying websites.

The Changing Relationship Between Travel Brands and Instagram Influencers
Online personalities often have hundreds of thousands of followers across several channels, highly engaged audiences that “Like,” comment and share their posts, and are willing to share photos and stories of a destination for a free trip and, increasingly, cash.

Digital Nomads: How to Travel the World Without Quitting Your Job
Lonely Planet present a few examples of people who have left their home country and brought their job to a different location – or created a new business along the way.

I Quit my Day Job
Stephen Bugno takes a step on the road to financing his travels through his writing.

Full-Time Travel, Full-Time Work — Is It Even Possible?
An irritable Adventurous Kate solicits advice from her fellow online workers on combining full time work and full time travel.

Why Working as a Digital Nomad is Not for Me
During her four month trip to Asia, Ashley Fleckenstein began to resent the weight of her laptop and found working as a digital nomad sucked the fun and excitement out of travel.

6 Ways Travel Bloggers Make Money While Travelling
Polish tramps Agness and Cez ask seven travel bloggers to share their tips on how they have been supported their voyages across the globe.

How to Avoid High PayPal Fees: A Lucrative Trick for Freelancers
Alexis Grant passes on a useful tip.

Change Your Office View: Full Time RVing Workspaces
We can’t even drive but we still love a looksee inside an RV.

This Is How I Fund My Long-Term Travel Lifestyle
When asked what he does for a living Matthew Karsten usually throws out “travel writer” or “photographer” to avoid a lengthy discussion but thankfully goes into more detail on his blog.

10 Tips to End Up on the Infamous Press Trip Blacklist
Don’t be ‘the one’ advises Angie Orth, who offers a peek into the complex relationship between PRs, DMOs and journalists/bloggers.

Life as a Digital Nomad: My Advice and Truths
Spurred by readers’ emails, wandering Londoner Frankie Thompson answers questions on earning money as a copywriter, a travel writer, a ghost blogger, freelance researcher and an author of fiction.

My Journey From Office Worker to Digital Nomad
From his beginnings pitching up in Lanzarote in January with no job and nowhere to live, Graham Snelgrove talks about making the transition from office worker in the UK to living and working abroad as a freelance writer finding working via internet job boards.

How Can I Afford to Travel and How Much Money I Earn From Travel Blogging
Grab some popcorn or a coffee because Sabrina Iovino is going to go into detail about her life as a travel blogger, including she went from earning $37 a month to over $2000 in under a year.

The Digital Nomad’s Dilemma
Despite spending time in some wonderful locations, Stephen Bugno still has articles to write, photos to edit and emails to send.

How Much Do Travel Bloggers Get Paid?
Jessica Peterson lists her monthly income alongside the earnings of half a dozen other travel bloggers.

Get New Facebook Fans and Grow Your Online Community
Sabrina Iovino, one of the travel bloggers listed in the article above, shows us how she grew her Facebook community to more than 5,000 fans in less than a year.

When Being a Travel Writer Just Means Being Broke and Lonely
Britany Robinson thinks of a boy and tries not to cry into her blue-cheese-and-apple burger in rural Massachusetts.

4 Ways to Monetize Your Blog Intelligently (Smart Advice for Travel Bloggers or Anybody Wanting to Blog from Paradise)
Too many travel bloggers struggle to generate income because they wait around for money to flow through advertising and sponsored posts, says Ryan Biddulph. So he has come up with four alternatives.

The Art of Pitching to Travel Brands and PR
Imagine getting paid to travel, jetsetting around the world, representing brands, properties, tours, cities or even provinces for free. That’s the dream right? But getting there is a whole other story, writes Will Tang.

Interview: Don George on Travel Writing, Blogging & “Working for Exposure”
Green Global Travel’s Bret and Mary invite us to settle into a comfy chair for a conversation with the coolest travel editor you will ever meet.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Sponsored Travel
Raphael provides a peek behind the travel blogging curtain in a jauntily written post sharing his tips on working with brands.

60 Fantastic Writing Conferences for Authors, Bloggers and Freelancers
This one is for American writers ready to connect with literary agents, editors and other writers at conferences.

5 Essential Tools to Doing Business While Traveling
Sherry Ott shares a handful of tools for overcoming the challenges of working on the road.

7 Ways I Make Money Travel Blogging
The number one question Vicky Philpott is asked as a full time travel blogger is how does she make money from travel blogging? Here’s how.

How To Start A Travel Blog and Make Money: The Ultimate Resource Guide
Though still a work in progress, Matt Gibson collects links to all of the best available resources and lists them here.

How Any Entrepreneur Can Get a Hungary Residence Permit
Global citizen Oscar Jesionek (he’s actually Austrian) outlines the benefits of Hungarian residence as one of Europe’s simplest second residency programmes for entrepreneurs.

Confessions of a Travel Writer: Working While You’re on the Road
Writing a 1600 word feature at short notice on his iPhone while on a boat in the Maldives costs Nick Boulos a slice of paradise and £694 in data charges.

6 Ways Travel Bloggers Make Money While Travelling
From working as an international hostess for a cruise line to freelancing gigs, seven travels bloggers share how they fund their travels.

The Cost of Making a Printed City Map
Three years after first conceiving the project Kirsty Henderson finally has a printed map of her adopted home city, Kigali, Rwanda, ready for sale.

My Life As a Freelancer: 10 Years On
Getting paid for some some clumsy SEO on her dial up connection gave Radhika the realisation she could make an income working around her schedule. She is still hooked as a freelancer and passes on a decade’s worth of tried and testing tips to new freelancers.

Top Jobs for the Outwardly Mobile
Jessica Lockhart sighs as she glances from her computer to the dreary scene outside her window and thinks: hang on a minute. I’m the commissioning editor for a travel magazine. I could be doing this beside the ocean while bats swoop over my head! And so could you.

So You Want to be a Travel Blogger, Do You?
Liz asks us to follow her down the rabbit hole into the mildly incestuous world of professional travel blogging.

Ten Things Travel Writers Do That Folk Who Are on Holiday Don’t Do
Theodora Two Dinners, as she would be known if she was in Goodfellas, doodles on a map and harasses the man sat next to her on the bus.

The Importance of Having a Freelancing Niche
Spreading herself too thin, Radhika realised being a good writer isn’t enough to get paid the high rates if she didn’t become an expert in something.

Why I’ll Never Be a Professional Travel Blogger
Theodora eats her two dinners before they get cold, spells words correctly and hates on selfie sticks.

Keep Calm and Travel Blog by Clelia Mattana
Clelia Mattana, an Italian globetrotter and blogger, answers some questions on the world’s youngest profession.

Is Travel Blogging a Reliable Source of Income?
Goats on the Road Nick and Dariece go into detail how they make $3,000 each month online.

How Do People ACTUALLY Make Money From Blogging?
People think bloggers don’t make any money from their blogs so Johhny shows some ways that they do.

Work from Anywhere! The CoWorking Movement
Libby Tucker explains the advantages to picking up your laptop and going someplace else to work.

Accommodation for Long-Term Travellers and Digital Nomads
James Clark presents the options he uses to find short term apartment rentals suitable for slow travelling long term travellers and digital nomads looking for a working base.

Our Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Answering Your Money Questions
Dariece and Nick field questions on how they finance their travels, including by teaching English and turning their blog into a career.

From Atlantic Cruises To Bush Offices: Remote Working – In Pictures
We at TWT have a soft spot for photos of people working in exotic locations on their laptops. The people commenting below the line on the Guardian website? Not so much.

Is It Too Late to Make It as a Travel Blogger Now?
Kate McCulley argues that with more money to be had in the industry and more social networks today is actually a good time to start a travel blog.

Top 5 Tips on Becoming a Professional Travel Blogger
Jonny Blair offers shares his advice for making the grade in the travel blogging industry.

Will Write For Money: How Freelancing Can Support Your Travels
These days, if you enjoy writing, you can find paid work writing for websites to support your travels, say Nick and Dariece.

10 Non-icky Ways to Make Money Blogging
Some of the ways to make money online just sound icky to Regina, who instead suggests these non sleazeball ways to earn a living through your blog.

12 Steps To Creating An Upwork Profile That Gets You Freelance Clients, FAST
Radhika and Johnny have had a lot of success with finding quality clients through Upwork and believe that having a complete, well written profile has been a huge reason why.

Make a Living Writing From the Road: Tips for Working While Traveling
Steve Gillman realised his usual routine was broken when he first tried to write while travelling. Eventually he figured it out and shares his tips here.

Why Co-Working Spaces Are Not Actually That Great
Co-working spaces are achingly hip at the moment , says Tim Grassin,  but are they really such a great place to work?

Getting Bulgarian Tax Residency for Digital Nomads
Elena, Uwe and Matthias are building a coworking space in Bansko, a mountain resort in Bulgaria. This is their story..

Digital Nomad, Digital Expat or Digital Loser? The Big Debate
Nicholas Barang goes off on one about raping corpses, genocide, snotty Thai farmers and those nice digital loser racist nomads. I can lose the will to live sometimes reading Nicholas’s posts but scroll down past the bit about Hitler, get to the end, and there is a serious point about gurus selling the dream.

Johnny’s Guide to Bulgaria for Digital Nomads, Entrepreneurs and Long Term Travelers
I guess we’ll just have to gloss over that JohnnyFD only heard of Bulgaria two years ago and thinks it was part of the USSR. He reports on Plovdiv, and Sofia, plus the upcoming digital nomad hotspot ski resort Bansko.

87 Places to Stay in Latin America for Under $501 a Month
Another great list of long stay options, this time in South and Central America.

A Realistic Version Of The Typical Blogger At The Beach
Yes, yes – a great post for those of us that detest working outdoors.

Where to live in Chiang Mai Map Included
If you decide to come and work in Chiang Mai then this map and guide can help with picking your favoured part of the city to live in. While offering a useful overview to the different areas of the city, some readers will be put off by sexpat vibe to the post (and website).

10 years as a Digital Nomad
James Clark has been doing the digital nomad thing since before wifi.

How I Make Money Online To Support My Travels
Wandering Earl answers the question, “what does ‘working online’ really mean?”

So How Can I Earn Enough Money to Travel the World?
Theodora provides advice on which skills can be used to create a location independent work thing income.

9 Things I’ve Learned in 8 Years as a Nomad
Amy Scott passes on the just over one thing a year she has discovered since leaving San Francisco for Lima.

69 Travel Blogging Tips From the Top Travel Bloggers
From what to blog, through design and social media, to motivation and making money, some people with computers give out their advice.

How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 4 – How Travel Bloggers Do It
Lash’s fourth instalment in her guide to long term travel focuses on working online.

I Want to Know Your Secret
Craig Makepeace tells of the trials and bankruptcies that lie behind making a success of yTravel Blog.

The Problems We Face Becoming Location Independent
Eloise and Stu highlight some of the difficulties encountered in setting up their online business.

How to blog with an iPod Touch
You don’t have to lug a heavy laptop around to get your words and pictures online.

Is it Possible to Make a Full Time living From Travel Blogging?
With travel bloggers getting book deals, is it possible to earn a good living from travel blogging alone? David Whitley asked a few of the industry’s biggest names.

Why Blogging is Hard Part 1 – Hello?
When Ed Rex’s friends ask what he has been up to and where he’s been, he narrows his eyes and says, ‘didn’t you see on my blog?’

The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 2: Tax, Visas, Flights & Security
Erin and Simon cover the rather dull but essential details that make it possible to work while travelling.

How To Maintain A Work/Travel Balance
Travel blogging, says Jasmine, is sipping mojitos on a Mexican beach, riding camels in the Saharan desert, and partying every night combined with lots of time spent on a laptop locked up in hotel rooms, slaving away into the wee hours of the morning.

Attempting to Woo Rwandan Advertisers
Kirsty Henderson begins to think about accepting ads on her Kigali website.

The Real Business of Travel Blogging
Nomadic Matt writes on his personal website.

What do Digital Nomads Consider When Choosing Locations?
When you have the advantage of being able to work from anywhere in the world, how do you decide where to go?

How to Stay Productive While Travelling
Advice from Kelly Dunning on how to manage the work life balance while on the move.

(The Truth About) How to Earn a Full Time Income From Travel Blogging
Runaway Jane injects a dose of reality into the expectations of those thinking this travel blogging lark is easy.

YouToo can earn £100,000 on YouTube
Rebecca Ratcliffe investigates how people make a living making videos.

Well, do you?

The Practicalities of Being a Digital Nomad Part 1: Insurance, Health, Banking & Retirement
Erin and Simon write a post on the practicalities of becoming a digital nomad.

Wandering Earl’s Guide To Travel Blogging…Sort Of
Though he has no real idea how he has become a successful travel blogger, Wandering Earl is clearly doing something right..

Financial Travel Tip #74 – Managing an Online Business and Volunteering
Nora Dunn makes her money online and saves it volunteering for free accommodation. But this brings its own challenge.

Changes in the Digital Nomad World
A nomadic working life is easier than when this once pioneering site started in 2005.

My Plans for a Google Intimidation Free Online Income
Kirsty Henderson is one traveller inspired by the site above to earn an online income. She has since kicked on to becoming an inspiration to others wanting to do the same but recognises the flaws in a business model overly reliant on The Big G.

What Would Happen to My Online Business if I Died?
Chris Huntley, who works in life insurance, considers what will happen to our online business if we get hit by a bus in Bangkok, Berlin or Bogota.

On Sponsored Posts – A Quick Chat About Biznass
Meg and Tony try to balance the one for them, one for us approach to travel blogging.

Part 3 of 10 ways to supplement your teaching income.

Exotic life for Aussie ‘Digital Nomads’
Three location independent workers describe their lifestyle to Australia’s The Age newspaper.

Interview with Location Independent Copywriter John McIntyre
John McIntyre talks about his background, what makes Chiang Mai so great and gives some advice for aspiring copywriters in this interview.

Travel Blogger University
The journey of a travel blogger.

Jack the Hack: Advice to All You Expat Writers: Publish and be Damned
Jack Scott, author of Perking the Pansies, offers his advice to expats looking to publish their gin soaked memoirs.

What Makes a Good Digital-Nomad Destination?
Roger Wade, who maintains his own website Price of Travel from Turkey, assesses the key requirements for a good digital nomad destination and makes his recommendations.

The Single Most Important Piece of Advice for Freelance Writers
David Whitley suggests travel writers build a reputation for reliability.

Notes on not (yet) making a living as a freelance writer in Phnom Penh
Lauren Quinn gets an article published about not writing published articles.

So You Want to be a Pro Blogger in the Travel Business
Dave and Deb, who bill themselves as Canada’s Adventure couple, are two of the most successful travel bloggers. Here they detail what is required to succeed in this business.

Editing On The Road with Rachel Kowalczyk
Editing a book manuscript, managing a blog on experiential travel in Central America, and overseeing company communications for a resort are among the jobs that have taken Rachel from Chicago to Panama.

Travel Blogging Today: It’s Complicated
The New York Times investigates the relationship between travel bloggers and sponsors.

My First Year of Travel Blogging
The initial 365 online days of a Kiwi abroad.

How I Became a Travel Writer
Matt Gibson path to travel writing began aged ten with a story about a cat.

Travel Expert for Think Places
Jonny Blair discusses one of his side projects.

Nomadic Interviews: Tom & Jenny of Till The Money Runs Out
A brief meeting with two fellow travellers inspires Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney to start their own app business.

Amsha Website Launch & Life Plans (For Now)
Laura launches her business selling accessories made by artisans in Kenya and Rwanda.

The Business of Running a Popular Travel Blog
Gary Arndt provides a peek behind the scenes of his leading travel blog.

The Dream of The Unplugged Vacation
What looks like a holiday to her friends is business as usual for Suzy Guese.

How Much Money Can A Travel Blog Make? My Story
From almost snatching the arm of the first advertiser that offered him $60 to $2500 a week, Johnny Ward provides some solid figures from his own journey as a travel blogger.

Is Microstock Photography a Viable Source of Income for a traveller?
Though he admits to making only micromoney, Brendan van Son does pay half of his monthly food bill through shooting stock images.

My Routine for 12 Hour Work Day: Travel Blogger Version
An average day in the life of Runaway Juno.

Last Day at Work, First Day as a Freelance Writer
A special day for Miruna Corneanua.

Reality of Living & Working on a Deserted Beach
Rob describes the Pros and even thinks up some Cons to working by the sea.

My Journey: Self-Published to Big Publishing Deal
Torre pinches herself, then slaps herself around the face before accepting she is awake and has hit the big time when her self published book is picked up by major publishers and Hollywood.

Is the Travel Blogging Lifestyle Really That Great?
On his own site this time, Jeremy presents the downside to working as a digital nomad and learns what happens when he pokes at a few sacred cows.

Adventures in Epublishing with Wild Junket Magazine
Nellie Huang and her husband Alberto tell Jeremy Head about their venture into digital magazine publishing.

How We Got Started as Digital Nomads
Erin and Simon reveal the influences behind Never Ending Voyage and how they are able to remain permanently on the road.

How Kirsty Henderson makes over $5,000 per month selling guest posts on her websites
A video interview with the Nerdy Nomad.

My 10 Year Journey to Becoming a Travel Writer
Though she had always been involved in the industry it is only after a decade that Gina feels able to call herself a travel writer.

How to Publish an iPad Travel Magazine
Frommer’s Mark Henshall talks on the ethos behind Overnight Buses Travel Magazine to Travel Blather’s Jeremy Head.

How I Became a Travel Writer
Everyone arrives at the job of travel writer by a different path. Matt Gibson leads us down his.

How to Really Make Money from a Travel Blog – An Overview of 14 of the Biggest Names in the Industry
The likes of Chris Guillebeau, Gary Arndt, Matt Kepnes and Anil Polat reveal their moneymaking strategies.

10 of the Best Resources for New Travel Bloggers
Simon Peterson writes an article in a style much like this one.

Nora Left Her Six-Figure Income to Travel Full Time as a Writer
An interview with Nora Dunn, who said goodbye to her six-figure income to embrace a life of travel.

How to Sign a Digital Document and Email Without a Scanner and Printer
A very handy tip from Wade Shepard.

Working From the Road Without a Laptop: Yes, it’s Possible
Johanna Read reviews hotels on her website via an iPad.

How to Invoice International Clients Without Paying Tons of Fees
Carrie Smith’s guide to keeping fees down.

How I Became a Digital Nomad And Why I Love it
Ashray Baruah is Wanderlust’s blog of the week.

10 Cool Offices I’ve had as a Digital Nomad
Stephen Bugno presents his favourite temporary offices.

I’m a Full time Youtuber AMA!
Questions answered on Reddit.

Work-Life Haven: Why Entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads are Settling in Bali
Bright, driven folk striking out on their own have realised they can live and work in paradise, rather than just holiday in it. So what business realisations are travellers having on their wanderings around Bali?

IamA Digital Nomad and Traveller, 5 Years Ago I Quit My Job to Travel. 5 Continents, 30+ Countries and Counting
Lee Carter of Global Goose goes on Reddit and says ‘ask me anything’.

Thinking of Starting a Travel Blog? Go For it!
Vicki Philpot offers some encouragement.

How I Stay Organized While Traveling, Working & Being A Fool
Like Steve Martin, Wandering Earl is a man with two brains.

Sex and the Magic Secrets to Getting Published
Torre DeRoche strokes her moustache and contemplates putting a pen in her vagina before confiding the reasons behind landing her book deal.

How I Got Fired from the Job I Invented
Turner Barr causes a bit of a stir.

A Couple Travelers By The Numbers: May’13 Income – $9036.3
Vicky and Dave post their income.

Image courtesy Steven Zwerink


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