Blogger’s Guide to Childcare, Care Work & Domestic Jobs

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Childcare, Care Work & Domestic Jobs

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Vicariously spend a day in the life of au pairs working in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and elsewhere. Past and present au pairs describe the highs and lows of crossing the planet to look after someone else’s children.

An Interview With Superyacht Nanny Arielle Maia
The Little Mermaid At Sea answers questions put to her by Kylie O’ Brien.

Confessions of a Former Au Pair: An Interview with Yara Coelho
Yara has had seven au pair gigs over the years. While she encourages other travellers to try it, she personally will never work as an au pair ever again. Why? Find out on Nomad Wallet.

A Day in the Life of an American Au Pair in France
Ashley Fleckenstein eats, buys books, takes a 12 year old to dance class, and gets called ‘madame’.


What it’s Really Like to Work as an Au Pair in Australia?
Absolutely Lucy gives us the lowdown on working as an Au Pair in Australia – the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

Become an Au Pair in Europe- A Great Way to Work Legally and Travel
Is Europe one of your dream destinations? Do you love to travel? Do you enjoy playing with kids? If so, Kach and Jonathan have found one of the best ways for you to explore Europe.

The Ups and Downs of Au Pairing Abroad
Alexandra Sanda loves having a second family in another country.

How To Become An Au Pair
A desire to live legally with her husband in Norway lead Lenka into becoming an au pair. Jason Moore asks her for advice on how to secure the best au pair job.

Get Paid to Travel the World as an Au Pair
Becoming an au pair was Yara’s gateway to the world back in 1998 when she had no money, and no experience travelling solo, but was determined to find a creative way to start her adventures. She has since au paied five times in four countries and shares her experience and advice with us.

Travel the World as an Au Pair: What Real Au Pairs Say
Five au pairs working in France, Germany and Spain field questions about their hours, wages, duties and job perks.

Lindsey’s Story
While working for the summer in Montpellier, France, American au pair Lindsey forgets she needs a passport to visit her friend in Spain.

My Experience as an Au Pair in England
If you want to get a placement through AuPairWorld read Laura’s post giving a detailed account of her au pair experience in Boxford, England.

Being an Au Pair in Spain
Yari cannot even tell us how many emails and comments she has gotten on this topic, so she figured a post would be an easy way for people to find the information they want quickly and in one place. So here she goes, telling us that being an au pair was one of the greatest things she has ever done.

Quitting Time: How to Give Notice with Grace
There is a fine line between business and personal that is easy to blur in the intimate profession of a nanny, and it can seem even more difficult to keep this line in mind when it comes time to leave.

My Experience as an Au Pair in Chicago
Marcelle tells us all we need to know about the AuPairCare programme.

Packing For Your Au Pair Trip
Compared with the endeavour of deciding on a host family and obtaining a visa, packing for your au pair trip is actually fairly simple. In fact, says Emily Stocking, in some ways it may be easier than packing for a long backpacking trip because you don’t have to worry about carrying it all on your back.

Life of an Au Pair: Personal Experiences
Rachel Pedreschi had never thought about being an au pair but, when money struggles set in and her life in Germany was not going as planned, she felt it was time to try something new.

Dealing with Differences as an Au Pair
Working for a year in Paris, Sophie Otway discovered both that two women living under the same roof and looking after the same children can be a struggle, and that the French have little concept of giving offence.

Employed! Katie the Nanny
Katie prepares for her first day in charge of two German children.

Au Pair Abroad: 4 Stories of Travel and Cultural Immersion
Brooke Schoenman interviews au pairs working in the USA, the Netherlands, Italy and France.

All Around the World of Au Pairs
The low down of the au pair regulations in 13 countries around the world.

Au Pair Life and Eyebrows
A Manc living in Paris wonders if she should be allowed to look after other people’s children.

6 Good Reasons to be an Au Pair, 6 Reasons Never to do it
A humourous look at the good and bad aspects of being an au pair.

A Day in the Life of an Au Pair in Breukelen, Netherlands
Nancy Harder descibes her day looking after two kids, aged 7 and 4.

The Life on an Au Pair
Writing for University Times, staff writer Jane Farrell, descibes the 11 weeks she spent with a family in the Italian seaside town of Albissola Marina in Liguria.

Au Pair Affairs
Another day in the life of post, this time from Christina, an American living in Germany.

Are These the Best Jobs in Travel?
Four ski nannies talk about their work.

Live Abroad as an Au Pair
Deciding to become an au pair can be one of the best choices if you are a travel lover and interested in learning a new language and culture, says Yara Coelho.

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