Other Ways to Work Abroad

For over 20 years we have been helping people to fulfill their travel dreams. We ourselves are just a couple of keen travellers and here we collect a selection of organisations that can help you to arrange work abroad now.

The Win/Win for Pet Lovers That Travel

By offering your time and care for other's pets for free, you can enjoy staying for free in locations worldwide. Whether you're looking for a weekend or a few months, discover how we can help you can enjoy a free retreat... with the added bonus of some four legged friends!

The hours can be long but who cares when the sun is shining. And once the weather turns it’s time to work and party hard in the mountains.

An in demand skill you never knew you had. Any native English speaker with a degree, and the confidence to face a class stands a chance of finding work.

There are many other ways to finance a stay away from home. Other worthwhile options include au pairing and nanny jobs, nursing and house sitting.

We’d all like to make money, but sometimes an experience is just worth paying for. You only live once, right?

Learn a new language or skill and improve your job prospects back home, or even kickstart a career in travel.