The Travel Class sketch

The Travel Class System: Location Independents, Backpackers & Cubicle Workers

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Location Independent: I look down on him (Indicates Backpacker) because I am location independent.

Backpacker: I look up to him (Location Independent) because he is Location Independent; but I look down on him (Cubicle Worker) because he is a Cubicle Worker. I am a Backpacker.

Cubicle Worker: I work for a living. I look up to them both. But I don’t look up to him (Backpacker) as much as I look up to him (Location Independent), because he also works for a living.

Location Independent: I work for a living, but sometimes I am unable to travel as much. So sometimes I look up to him (Backpacker).

Backpacker: I still look up to him (Location Independent) because although I can travel more, I wash my underwear in a sink. But I can still travel for longer than him (Cubicle Worker) so I still look down on him.

Cubicle Worker: I know my place. I look up to them both; but while I am unable to travel as much, I am honest, industrious and trustworthy. Had I the inclination, I could look down on them. But I don’t.

Backpacker: We all know our place, but what do we get out of it?

Location Independent: I get a feeling of superiority over them.

Backpacker: I get a feeling of inferiority from him, (Location Independent), but a feeling of superiority over him (Cubicle Worker).

Cubicle Worker: I get a house, kids, stable friendships, pension, a car, widescreen TV…





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This piece was first published in an older version of our blog which included the following comments:

Suzy said: “Very true portrayals of all three types. Your last few lines remind me there are advantages to the three ways of living. One has something the other doesn’t.”

– we replied: “I wanted to end on a positive note for the cubicle worker. I find a lot of travel bloggers unjustly look down on them.”

Mike Lenzen said: “If only a lowly backpacker could settle in one place for a while and get a job from time to time. Then he could perhaps be the ultimate class of traveler. The enlightened(broke) backpacker…”