Stalking A Travel Blogger

We stalked a travel blogger across two continents

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The travel blogger sniffed the air and failed to detect our duty free scent. Thinking himself in no danger he focused his attention on exiting Heathrow Airport, the final stage of his epic migration from Australia to London.


Little did he know that we had been on his trail since he announced on his site, Nerd Travels, he would be on the same UK bound plane as us. Lured by the bargain £200 flight via Riyadh we had had Brendon Vince in our sights since he landed in Thailand from his native Australia.

When we first started on his trail we had never met another travel blogger; though we had had unconfirmed sightings in Didim watering holes of Natalie of TurkishTravelBlog and Inka of Glamour Granny Travels, a near miss with Johnny Ward at PODs in Kuala Lumpur and, a day later, briefly met Nick Biblis in the same habitat. I might also have shot Stu and Eloise in the face with a watergun during Songkran in Chiang Mai.

We knew Brendon’s markings, a cracked laptop screen would be the giveaway and we prowled around Riyadh airport trying to spot our prey. Once we thought we had a sighting but it turned out to be just another laptop user. Thinking that maybe the excessive partying for which these creatures can sometimes be known in places like Thailand had caused him to miss his flight we resumed our journey onto London thinking we had missed our shot.

Then, after getting off the plane and heading to immigration, we caught his trail. He was striding ahead, a little worse for wear after the long flights but a splendid animal nonetheless. We pounced and after a slightly awkward chat – who are these people and what do they want from me? his eyes seemed to plead – we released this majestic creature back into the wild to meet up with more of his kind at the Bloghouse in Ireland.

Indigenous to the UK, we got through immigration and customs faster than he but we did catch a final glance as he cleared customs and pushed his luggage towards the cold London air. An Australian with a WHM visa in the UK, it is likely he will soon find his natural habitat: working behind the bar of a London pub.




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