#RTWsoon: Ed Rex

Ed Rex is a twenty-something deaf Yorkshireman currently looking forward to the adventures to come on his around the world journey

Interview with Ed Rex, Rexy Edventures

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Ed Rex is a twenty-something deaf Yorkshireman currently in Chiang Mai but when we caught up with him not so long ago he was still looking forward to the adventures to come on his around the world journey.

Then he worked as an environmental technician for a water company in the UK. Now he is developing into a solo RTW digital nomad and travel writer via his blog Rexyedventures. He can also be found on Twitter @rexyedventures.


Where are you going and for how long?

I have planned a RTW trip that keeps me bouncing off the walls with bubbling excitement! I will be going to South East Asia taking in the delights of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. After that, I will be travelling down the east Coast of Australia from Cairns to Melbourne where I will fly from there to New Zealand to spend a month there. I will then need to relax from all that travelling and spend a week in Fiji (jealous yet?) and finish off in USA on its western coast. Overall, I’m looking to go for 8 months.

Ed is going to South East Asia taking in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore

Have you told the boss yet?

Told him ages ago! I decided to give work plenty of notice for them to find someone to replace me and also train that person up while I’m still there. He took it well.

Planned to death or casual meander?

I wanted to be casual…but it’s actually been planned quite a lot. However, what i do between the times I’ve set to catch flights etc, then I’ll go with the flow. But travel planning is very very very important.

Ed is hoping to volunteer on his travels

What do friends and family think about this?

All are very supportive! Even my family! I think they just want to get rid of me for a while because I’m sure they got fed up about my incessant talking about travel before!

Why now?

Well I’m not tied down at all. I don’t have a house, I wasn’t 100% committed to the job, all my family are doing their own thing, I’m not married or in a relationship so thought I would get the opportunity while i still can!

In Australia he will be WWOOFing it around

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Do you anticipate any problems or issues on your trip due to your deafness?

I don’t anticipate too many problems with my deafness. The main issue will be perhaps understanding the language from a non English speaking country!

How much is it going to cost and how are you financing the trip?

It is said that it will be £1000 a month. I pretty much saved and saved and saved in the last 2 years.

Any volunteer or paid work plans?

I’m hoping to volunteer with animals and children on my travels, particularly in Australia, where I will be WWOOFing it around.

What (or where) are you most looking forward to?

I’m really excited for New Zealand! It’s always been a dream of mine! Lord of the Rings country! Milford Sound, Taupo, Queenstown, Wellington and Auckland! I cannot wait!

Ed Rex




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