People Taking Photos Of Cats In Burma

A woman takes a photo of a cat

Taking Photos Of Cats In Burma

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One day one bored, crazy monk living in a monastery in Burma rounded up all the local cats and started making them jump through hoops. Word spread and boat loads of tourists started to arrive to witness the spectacle.

I was looking forward to visiting Nga Hpe Chaung, better known as the Jumping Cat Monastery. My imagination had got way ahead of itself long before our small boat moored outside the monastery. I pictured cats jumping through fiery hoops while juggling smaller cats. There would be small specially designed motorbikes, latex costumes, crocodile pits, applause and extravaganza.

Back on Earth, the cats have given up with the jumping thing and this place should be named Cats Just Laying About the Place Being Poked and Prodded by Asian Tourists Monastery.

A woman stops a cat from just wandering off

A cat thinks about it for a bit

A cat wonders how this all happened in the first place

Cats just lollop about

"Nah ah. I'm not falling for that again"

Cats pose for photos

Children and cats

A man takes a cat photo

A monk surveys his cat jumping realm

“Oh, for fuck sake. They’re just cats. My earwig amateur dramatic society is way better.”




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