Guatemala Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation

GUATEMALA / Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association (ARCAS)

Give a hand to Guatemalan wildlife! The ARCAS Wild Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is one of the premier wildlife rescue centers in the world, handling 300-600 wild animals of 40+ species per year. It is situated on 45 hectares of forested land on Lake Peten Itza across from the town of Flores in the Peten region of Guatemala, 45 kms from the world famous Mayan archeological site of Tikal. Volunteers at the Rescue Center help in feeding and caring for the animals at the center which include parrots, macaws, spider and howler monkeys, margays, ocelots, coatimundis, taras and kinkajous. Nearly all of these animals have been seized from smugglers and are very young, needing constant care and attention. There are also opportunities to take part in veterinary medical treatment, animal releases, environmental education and wildlife surveys, though the scheduling of these activities is irregular and we can’t guarantee you will be able to participate.

Apart from the regular volunteer program at the Rescue Center, ARCAS is looking for volunteers to contribute to the conservation of the last @300 scarlet macaws remaining in the Maya Biosphere Reserve. This work entails nest monitoring and environmental education in the remote El Peru archaeological site in the Laguna del Tigre Park, and requires a longer time commitment and some prior experience on the part of the volunteer.

For more information, visit our website or send us an e-mail at arcas(at)intelnet(dot)net(dot)gt