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What is the Jobs Abroad Bulletin?

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB) is a monthly+ newsletter and set of job boards containing classified recruitment ads for people looking for mostly short term work abroad, volunteer work or to take a gap year.

How much does it cost to post a job to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin?

Nothing, it is free – though we do have premium options too.

Why free?

JAB is only as good as the job vacancies it carries, and we don’t want to place obstacles in the way of employers (especially small organisations) that can offer work to our readers.

How often do you publish to JAB?

We schedule new posts every few days. When we are travelling and have limited access to regular or reliable internet connections it may take longer to add your posts.

In what format do you accept ads?

For our free service, we only accept text ads.

Is there a word limit to my job post?

Yes, 300 words, though we are pretty lenient about the issue if you are advertising multiple vacancies within one advert.

Can I post more than one advertisement?

Yes, for paid positions we will, within reason, accept as many relevant ads as we have room for. However, if the ad copy is pretty similar for each advert we may combine them all into one posted advertisement.

What type of job ads do you accept?

We use the following categories of work as headings in JAB: Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure; Ski Resort Jobs; Teaching & TEFL; Nursing & Care Work; Childcare; Farm & Animal Jobs; Office Jobs; Other Work. We also have Volunteer Jobs and Gap Year boards and one for those looking to advertise courses and study opportunities abroad.

Who reads JAB?

Our core readership is British or European, and aged between 18 and 30, though a significant number are from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Many are based in their home country, while others are already overseas.

My government only allows certain nationalities with certain bits of official paper to work in certain jobs in my country. Should I mention this in my advertisement?

We have an international readership. If, for instance, you are only able to accept applications from EU nationals then we strongly recommend that you state this to avoid unwanted and useless applications. Or try “We cannot help with work visas or permits for non X nationals.

Do you accept and display work from home ads?

Sorry, we don’t. We do not feel they are relevant to a readership intent on finding work far away from home in another country. We do accept advertising for remote jobs providing employees are encouraged to travel and we feel the advertising is relevant to our readership.

Do you accept English teaching jobs in China or nursing or care work positions in the UK?

We do, but we now require advertisers offering English teaching jobs in China or nursing or care work positions in the UK to take our premium Featured Job option.

Do you accept and display ads from EFL and ESL recruiters and agents?

No, we do not. All EFL and ESL ads with a web email account (@gmail @163 etc) will be refused.

I cannot see my advertising in JAB. Why is this?

It can take us up to 7 days (occasionally more) to add new vacancies to our boards. Alternatively, we may not have placed your advertisement because we do not feel the position is relevant to our readership or breaks our terms and conditions. We may have rejected your advertisement if the same or similar advertisement has been posted to us within the past three months (please inquire about our premium options should you wish to post more often), while advertisers constantly placing the same advertising over and over may have been banned for spamming our boards.

How can I cancel an advertisement currently displayed on JAB?

To cancel an advertisement, please send us the URL (the relevant page on the Jobs Abroad Bulletin) of your vacancy and we will remove the advertisement for you.

Do you have any other websites where we can advertise our vacancies?

We did, but we have merged all the content on those sites to JAB. Grassroots organisations in need of volunteers may like to be listed in our Free or Cheap Volunteer Work section. Send us your details here.

We’d like to say thank you for using your free services. Can we link to JAB from our website?

Yes please. We would appreciate a link to us if you have a website with a links page. We’ve provided a suggested text below:

Jobs Abroad Bulletin
Current vacancies for those looking to take a gap year or career break, find jobs abroad or fund travel through working holidays and seasonal work