Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work in Latvia

Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work in Latvia

Hostel Work Exchanges

Many hostels use help exchange networks (see below) to find volunteer staff but the following either advertise on their websites or are particularly noted for taking on volunteers:

Cinnamon Sally Backpackers

If you have decided to stay in Riga for at least two weeks and you don’t mind putting in a few hours of hostel work a day, then there will be no need to pay for a bed here. There may also be a chance to earn some cash on the pub crawl too.

Other Opportunities to Volunteer in Latvia

The answer to a question posed on Reddit says volunteering isn’t big in the country but djummchvr mentions the “soup kitchen at the Anglican Church in the Old Town could always use more volunteers. It’s from 10AM – 12PM every Saturday.” On the same thread the youth organisation Bambuss is mentioned as a possible lead. Their webpage is in Latvian only but they post occasionally in English via Facebook.

Though there is little other information, an indication the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia takes on international volunteers can be surmised from the paragraphs of two former volunteers, an Australian and a German. There is some English language information for volunteers wishing to put some hours into helping to stop human trafficking with Shelter Safe House. If you’re more of a “Four legs good, two legs bad” sort of person, Christrine Chilver’s Animal Friend Society takes on a volunteer cat keeper’s assistant and a volunteer veterinarian assistant.

Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work in Latvia

Help Exchange Networks in Latvia

HelpStay Work Exchanges

Workaway –
Hovos –

Other Ways to Travel or Stay for Free in Latvia

Stay for free in return for caring for local residents’ homes or pets. Join Trusted Housesitters to live rent free as a house sitter (Americans may prefer this link). You can also get a free Airbnb credit from us here.

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