Coordinator of a social project to help women and children, Andes of Peru

PERU / Minka Projects

We work with populations in a situation of extreme poverty and in a situation of economic and cultural exclusion in the Peruvian Andes, we carry out our social work directly, we have several projects related to human rights, health, gender equality, educational support for children at risk , ecology, empowerment of women and improvement of the living conditions of Quechua immigrants and their families.

Our organization is driven by people with motivation, training and experience in humanitarian and social areas, our work has more than 12 years of intense social work, this gives us the experience to develop and offer genuine work, our project is social work directly


*be at least 21 years old
*person, committed to social and humanitarian causes.
*Ease and ability to handle payment and collection methods in international environments (check if your nationality matches the eligibility criteria on well-known fundraising pages)
*Preferably with fluent communication in English and human interaction,
*English speaker. (preferably)
*It would be ideal to have some level of Spanish, (optional)
*Openly share new ideas and information with the team.
*contact by social network, skype or whatsapp
*good communication and creative skills
*Possibility to use the basic Office package


* be an integral part of a non-profit organization
develop practical experience in the area,
*possibility of long-term collaboration and recognition in the field of international social assistance.
* Valid documents and certifications issued by a legal and recognized organization.
*A considerable economic stipend will be paid as well as bonuses depending on campaigns and collection periods
*the possibility of developing other paid activities, teaching courses and directing other projects, with a salary of 30% + of the total achieved.
*validation, experience and development of internship activities, validation and agreements of this concept with universities.

How to apply:

For more details:

Write to us:

thank you!

Expires: Sept 24, 2024


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