Become Tefl Certified in Madrid (Accredited TEFL), with Online Course + 1 month in Spain £59 admin fee

SPAIN / TEFL Trainer

TEFL Trainer is an Accredited TEFL Certification Provider.

We are offering a 1-month long programme for non students which requires:
– sending in your CV,
– a phone and/or Skype interview,
– signing up to the Online part of our course (£59 instead of £429 with the discount code: tefltrainer through our site__ FREE FOR ERASMUS+ STUDENTS ONLY), and
– agreeing on a start date and location.

We have openings all year round so we could incorporate you almost any Monday.

Please answer these two questions when forwarding us you CV:
What start date and location did you have in mind?
And what programme type (Erasmus or non student) are you applying for?

The teaching assistantship requires a commitment of 40 hours per week, 30 of which will be dedicated to teaching practice, and 10 to studying.

In order to become certified with us, you will need to complete all three learning blocks: 6 reflective diaries (400 words each, 30% of your grade), 6 final exams (available on our Online course which covers 140 hours of theory, 30% of your grade), and a 160-hour teaching assistantship (in one of our partner schools, 40% of your grade).

TEFL Trainer

Nationalities Accepted: EU nationals only

Expires: Apr 10, 2017


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