Get Listed in Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

Get Listed in Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

We are updating and expanding our site, Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad, along with planning to add ebook versions of the site. Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad is a resource for grassroots NGOs and volunteer projects to find a helping hand and for travellers to locate inexpensive options to offer their skills and muscle without suffering a financial penalty for doing so.

If you are an individual, NGO or other organisation in need of volunteers and charge reasonable or no fees to volunteers (what are reasonable fees?) then we would like to hear from you. Please introduce yourself by telling us a little about your organisation and providing the answers to the questions below. Once we have your information we will make a decision if your project is a good fit for our site and add you to the updated site or ebook.

Please send us your information via the form below:

What are reasonable fees?

We do not have a fixed amount in mind when considering what is a suitable program or organisation for inclusion in Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad. Our criteria depends on the location and type of volunteer work undertaken. Generally we will exclude organisations when it would cost volunteers less to arrange their own living expenses were they to stay in the same area without volunteering. The type of volunteer work will also affect our decision making. As a general rule of thumb, even if the costs to a volunteer are the same, we are less likely to list a program where skilled volunteers are asked to do dirty, unglamorous work than we would a program where unskilled volunteers spend all day cuddling puppies.