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Using JAB

What is the Jobs Abroad Bulletin?

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB) is a monthly+ newsletter, Facebook group, and blog style set of job boards containing classified recruitment ads for people looking for mostly short term work abroad, volunteer work or to take a gap year.

What types of jobs can be found in JAB?

We consider ourselves as much a travel as a recruitment website, and the jobs we carry are generally – though not exclusively – for the purpose of helping people see the world rather than moving up in it. That is not to say a career in tourism cannot be started with a job found here. We use the following categories of work as headings in JAB: Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure; Ski Resort Jobs; Teaching & TEFL; Nursing & Care Work; Childcare; Farm & Animal Jobs; Office Jobs; Other Work. We also have Volunteer Jobs and Gap Year boards.

Applying for a vacancy in JAB

Applications, or requests for more information about a vacancy, should be directed to the employer via the contact details given in each advert.

Work permits & visas

Our readers come from all parts of the world but employers, in most cases, have to follow local employment laws and can only offer employment to certain nationalities with the correct pieces of paper. Though anyone, no matter where they are from, is welcome to use our site, the reality is nationals of some countries will find it a lot easier to find work abroad than others. Here’s some information on Working Holiday Visas.


Though many organisations that advertise in JAB may require a fee (ie gap year expeditions and voluntary organisations requiring a contribution towards food and accommodation), please be careful if you are asked to send money in advance to an employer or an agency. It is not legal for UK employment agencies to charge employees for job placing services (au pair agencies are one of the few exceptions – though most tend to charge employers and do not request fees from au pairs).

Other countries will have their own regulations but as a rule of thumb THINK TWICE IF YOU ARE ASKED TO SEND ANY MONEY when applying for a job abroad. The internet is a particularly rich area for con men, especially when we are looking to chase our dreams abroad. Unlike many other recruitment websites we place a human being between the scammers and you but we are simply a small website edited by travellers like yourself that allows employers to place free advertisements in good faith.

We try our best but certainly do not claim to be infallible. If any nasties have got past us and made it into the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, we’d like to hear about it.

In response to ever increasing attempts to scam money from international job hunters posted to us, and to other job or classified websites, we have added a page of advice and warnings for people looking for work abroad and some help with spotting job scams.

We would also like to remind our readers that even in genuine advertisements the truth is not always told, that less than desirable aspects of a job may be glossed over, and that there is no guarantee that your working abroad experience will be a good one.

Recently we received an email from someone who found a job through this website and didn’t have the best time of it. She didn’t blame us for the unfortunate situation that she found herself in but wanted to inform eager travellers like herself, that as nice as people may make the situation or themselves out to be, that they can mislead you.

The correspondence we receive suggests that the vast majority of you will enjoy your experience working abroad but if and when things do go wrong the distances involved mean that the consequences can be far more severe.

Problems with an advertiser

I’m afraid we cannot arbitrate disputes between employers and employees.

Out of date jobs

The blog style format we use means out of date vacancies are not automatically deleted from our boards. Though we do ask employers to give us an expiration date (up to a maximum of one year) for their advertising it is not obvious before clicking on the link to each advertisement, especially when using the search function. We are currently half heartedly going through all old ads over one year old and fading out the text and marking them as obviously expired when browsing or using the search facility. However, it took us a while to decide there wasn’t a better solution to this problem and we are way behind with the tedious task of changing over 8000 old adverts (and, truth be told, we’ve kind of given up on it a bit). Apologies for the inconvenience until we catch up on ourselves.

Please note

We are not an employment agency. Please do not send us your CV/resume. We cannot help with work permits or visas.


JAB is thrown together quickly on a shoestring and contains ads that we believe are authentic and currently available. However, readers should check out things for themselves and not blame us if things go wrong.

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