Teach English in Spain in September 2019!

Teach English in Spain

SPAIN / Meddeas

Are you a recent graduate looking for a valuable professional experience in Spain? Start teaching English in Spain, receive a monthly income, TEFL-related training,  and ongoing in-country support. After the first few days at school, participants will be asked to use their own initiative. Due to visa application deadlines, we can only accept applications for placements starting in the fall from: EU passport holders and/or candidates registered in a state/jurisdiction corresponding to one of the following consulates: Chicago, Washington DC or Miami.

Important Dates

* Deadline: July 7th, 2019
* Program length: September 2019 to June 2020

During one academic year, participants will teach 20 hours a week in one of the 200 schools Meddeas works with. They will also gain international experience and add transferable skills to their CV. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover a new culture and language, paying no fees and with a guaranteed monthly grant, which is more than enough to live in Spain as a young professional.


* Monthly pay: €880-1,162 per month (enough to live in Spain as a young professional)
* Lodging options: independent housing or full board accommodation with a volunteer host family
* University course included (compulsory)
* More than 200 schools all over Spain
* Graduate programme for candidates with a degree in any subject. Advanced programme adapted to participants with TEFL/TESOL training

“This is an opportunity to learn new skills in a teaching environment, even if teaching is not a future career goal: skills such as classroom management and of course organizational, planning, time management along with many other skills. Overcoming challenges within the classroom on a regular basis improves your ability to adapt and use your initiative in certain situations.  Learning a new language is another great advantage, even though it is difficult to learn the language, it is still a positive experience,” Kealan M., former participant

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Main Perks of the Program

* Professional placement in a Spanish school, teaching 20 to 25 hours per week
* Guaranteed monthly pay, more than enough to live in Spain as a young professional
* Certified Expert in Bilingual Education course (20 ECTS) given by a Spanish university and paid by the programme.
* Paid school holidays (except for the summer period)
* Spanish public healthcare coverage
* Help opening a bank account
* Program run by a serious and professional organisation
* Ongoing in-country support from the school’s tutor and from Meddeas
* Initial training and teaching workshops
* Certificate of completion at the end of the program
* Children aged two to eighteen. Learners’ English levels range from beginner to advanced
* No fees attached

The Role of a Language Assistant

During one academic year, participants will teach 20 hours a week in one of the 200 schools Meddeas works with. A Language Assistant is a native-level speaker of English, French or German, who supports the school’s language teachers and helps students with conversation practice. The tasks differ from the ones in a teaching assistant role and include encouraging oral practice of the foreign language; explaining the culture of their home country; helping in other subjects such as science, art, P.E.; acting as a role model for correct pronunciation and grammar; and collaborating with teaching staff in creating teaching materials and planning lessons.

After teaching English abroad, Language Assistants add transferable skills to their CVs, such as public speaking, language skills, creativity, team working, topic preparation, patience, maturity, autonomy, and cultural awareness.

Desirable candidate profile

* Native-level English speaker
* Recent graduates (last four years) OR last-year university students
* TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred (not indispensable)
* Previous teaching experience will be valued
* Someone who enjoys working with children and/or young people
* Energetic and creative
* Competence in the Spanish language is not required
* No criminal records

Desired Skills: intercultural skills, cultural awareness, creativity, language skills, team working, public speaking, patience, maturity, autonomy

Doubts? Interested? Send an email to hello@meddeas.es

Expires: Aug 15, 2019


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