Work Abroad Resources

We have always been about free and reluctant to put a financial barrier between our readers and an exciting job abroad. Over the years running JAB and our other work abroad and gap year websites we have built up relationships with a number of people and organisations that can both help you to finance your dream of working and travelling the world while also helping us to do the same. If you buy one of the products or take on one of the roles given below you have our thanks for helping us to keep JAB free, pay our bills and eat, all while incurring no extra cost to yourself in the process.


Teach English in China
If you want to immerse yourself in Chinese culture and learn Mandarin Chinese, teaching English in China is the perfect opportunity for you. Reach To Teach currently works with many reputable schools offering ESL jobs teaching English in China. Your salary as an English teacher in China will be enough to live a comfortable lifestyle and save for trips around China and to other countries in Asia. There is no better time to teach and live in Asia as China continues to open itself to the outside world. Current vacancies posted to our boards can be viewed in the Reach to Teach Channel.

Travel the World for Free as a House or Pet Sitter
Waiting to find the dream house sit? Don’t miss out! Registered members receive daily email alerts enabling them to find the latest house sitting jobs in the regions they’d like to house sit within, whether looking for house sitting in London, house sitting in Sydney, or anywhere else worldwide. Join and start looking for your ideal house sitting job today. members can join either the British or the US versions of the site.

Caretaker Jobs
While housesitting is all about saving money, many caretakers can expect to be paid for their services. is dedicated to serving the needs of property owners and caretakers worldwide by providing a secure environment where caretakers can achieve their financial and lifestyle objectives by being matched with property owners. They also help fill related live-in horse jobs, ranch jobs and summer jobs.


Work on a Cruise Ship
We have been fans of Wandering Earl’s travel blog for years, but before he set himself on the road to becoming one of the most successful travel bloggers out there he worked for six years on board ten different cruise ships as a tour manager. In this guide he and co-author Liz Aceves outline the truth about ‘ship life’, the international friendships, free travel, pay and special privileges that go with working on board a cruise ship.


Work Your Way Around the World
We love this book. If you are serious about picking up work to fund your travels then you really should get a copy. We just cannot recommend this guide enough. For summer jobs, volunteering or jobs abroad, Work Your Way Around the World is the number one guide for the self-funded world traveller providing all the information you need to successfully find work abroad and have the trip of a lifetime. Choose from hundreds of potential job opportunities in Work Your Way Around the World, from a ski instructor in the Alps or a teacher in Italy, to picking strawberries in Denmark or farming in Louisiana. Also includes all the essential practical advice you need to safely travel the globe, such as work visas, medical information and permits.