Volunteering teaching English to children in the Peruvian Andes

PERU / Sharing Dreams Project

Sharing Dreams project is a local non-profit organization that works directly with the most vulnerable inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes, and that runs various volunteer projects, focusing above all on improving the well-being of women and children.

Our organization was founded and legally registered in 2009, and since then, we are developing social projects directly in those Andean populations subject to social, economic and cultural exclusion. It is precisely in those areas where they are living the most people, descendants of the ancient Inca state, with the greatest problems of economic development here in Peru English Program our English program for children, is developed in those marginalized communities in the central Andes of Peru, giving these children the opportunity to acquire basic English skills that can help them for their future education and increase their employability.

The English language is spoken quite important global language, one of our goals is teaching this language to all persons, especially children, as a means of overcoming and education, because they lack the financial resources needed for learning English. This program will give the opportunity to many children of populations living in extreme poverty and do not have the opportunity to study in a private school to improve their education and improve their chances of understanding the world and get better jobs. It is a way to teach and learn from each other, among volunteers and native people of Peru, volunteers developed from basic materials of pronunciation, prayers, colors, communication, verbs, and other important matters. Also, it is a way to improve the level of Spanish that the volunteer has, due to the continuous interaction of languages, all this developed in a straightforward, entertaining and fun way no prior experience to participate in this program is needed, nor command of Spanish or No teacher training is required only to have a great desire to help and improve the quality of life and education of people in need of help.

For details and more information, visit our website: http://sharingdreamsproject.info/

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IMPORTANT- As a volunteer, you will have strong exposure to the Quechua language (language of the Andean and Incan culture), information on the Peruvian culture, history and idiosyncrasies, classes in Peruvian cooking, and you will be taken on guided group excursions to Neighbouring areas or places within the immediate vicinity of the project in the Central Andes. You can achieve all this at no cost, broadening your experience in a country of the Andes.


For details and more information, visit our website: http://sharingdreamsproject.info/

Expires: Oct 24, 2017


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