Volunteer for School of Comedy and Mime

CENTRAL AMERICA / Volunteer Latin America

This innovative project educates young people who are in precarious family situations where poverty, drug abuse, physical/sexual abuse, gangs and other criminal activity are an unfortunate part of daily life. Through theatre, clowning, mime and circus skills students discover how to respect themselves and others when taught that they can make a living through this art. The project is looking for volunteers with the following skills: clown; mime; drama; theatre improvisation; storytelling; magic; contemporary dance (jazz, tap, Latin); set design and props; acrobatics; juggling; puppets. The project also strives to improve the academic education of their students and it needs volunteers to teach English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer and graphic design, entertainment techniques.

There is no cost to participate but volunteers are responsible for covering their living expenses. The project assists volunteers in finding a low cost place to stay.

Please visit http://www.volunteerlatinamericablog.com


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