Volunteer coordinator for a language center

GREECE / CESRT (Chios Eastern Shore Response Team)

CESRT (Chios Eastern Shore Response Team) is a group of international volunteers from many different countries working to support the refugee community on the Greek island of Chios. In addition to its other contributions, CESRT provides a centre for the teaching of English (and other languages) to adult refugees living in the nearby the camp of Vial.

We are now looking for a coordinator for this project who is interested and committed to contributing a minimum of two months full time at this project, from the month of August onwards.

Our Language Centre is located close to the Vial camp, providing educational services to men and women refugees of all backgrounds, levels and abilities, over 18 years old. From Monday to Friday we offer two English classes a day, with the opportunity of also learning Greek, German and French. As well as being able to attend an art class and help with gardening, each Saturday we hold different workshops for students to learn or try new activities.

We are not an NGO, we do not provide sponsorships for visas, and you should be covered with your own insurance.

To find out more about CESRT, please use the following link: cesrt.org.

Job description

As the Language Centre coordinator, your responsibilities and tasks will be:

● To set the tone of the Language Centre as a clean, safe, welcoming, respectful and supportive learning atmosphere for both students and teachers.
Demonstrating to all students and teachers the expected friendly and positive environment, as well as towards each other

● To support the teachers, ensuring that they have access to materials, are clear about what is expected of them and feel that they can seek help/advice when needed from yourself

● To develop and implement systems / schedules / planning needed to accommodate as many students as possible within the Language Centre / classes, whilst keeping the ethos of the LC intact.

● To take responsibility for all administration, finance and recruitment of the project

● To be involved and attend CESRT coordination meetings and to attend a fortnightly educational meeting in Vial, with other educational organisations on the island.

● Participate in other CESRT activities and attend overall coordination meetings.

Essential Requirements

● Fluent English language
● Strong interpersonal communication skills
● Demonstrable experience in project coordination
● Holding a European driving license

Desirable Experience

● Demonstrable experience in teaching
● Evidence of previous ESL/EFL teaching experience
● Ability to teach other European languages
● Some familiarity with Arabic, Farsi, Urdu or French


● Free shared accommodation, with other teachers
● Free food at lunch
● Transportation on the island is provided (with a weekly 30Euro contribution from yourself)


In order to know more about you and your motivations,please send us your resume and details at the following email address : chiosesrtlc@gmail.com

Nationalities Accepted: We cannot help with work permits or visas for non EU residents

Expires: Aug 31, 2018


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