Volunteer at a Skatepark in Peru

PERU / SKIP- Supporting Kids in Peru

If you’ve skated, you have most likely had a positive experience with it, and inevitably learned something about yourself through it.
In collaboration with Concrete Jungle Foundation, SKIP – Supporting Kids in Peru is running a project in Peru that captures the positive life-skills you can learn through skateboarding and teaches it where it is most needed. By teaching skateboard classes in a school in one of the poorest areas in Peru, these children are not only offered a fun and engaging activity, but simultaneously an educational programme to help them develop themselves as a person through skateboarding!
Does this resonate with the positive potential you see in skateboarding and want to contribute with doing something you love? SKIP is looking for volunteers for this project now.

We have both long term leadership and short term volunteer opportunities available.

Check out our videos on youtube to find out more about the skatepark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdp4BQ8U4Co&t=25s

Contact volunteering@skipperu.org or refer to our website to submit an application https://skipperu.org/application-process/

Expires: Dec 18, 2018


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