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City Travel Review – Gap project travel writing/researchers – positions 2011

City Travel Review attracts participants/candidates each year to take part within our study/working gap placement programmes. Participants are usually undergraduates, post graduates, working young people taking a short sabbatical or those taking a gap year before or after University. Participants come from all different backgrounds, with the following purposes to gain valuable diverse working experience, learn a language from scratch or improve on foreign language skills already acquired. (Berlin programme only) Many participants wish to gain a new experience possibly changing career direction in order to move into creative/history/arts/culture/language/media/communication/PR/journalism/research/ travel writing/reviewing, design/fashion industries. Participants are selected and usually placed in peer groups that have members of the team with complementary skills. The guide project is a project designed to test at all levels and is designed as a gap experience to add to the CV/resume. The actual guide produced at the end itself is non profit making although participants are rewarded with bonuses in the form of activities, field trips, excursions, company visits and fun target related bonuses according to project deadlines being met.

Add to your CV/Resume or Portfolio:

You will attend German language classes to learn German (Berlin programme only). During the afternoons participants gain and develop hands-on experience working as Travel Researchers/review journalists. Participants are thoroughly involved within the creative team, creating a professional tourist guide aimed at young people and students visiting the capital. Information gained in the language learning is incorporated within the guide. Participants design the whole guide from start to finish from layout, photos, graphics/design, proofreading, writing reviews/features for restaurants, bars, cafés, attractions/entertainment, city history, art and culture etc. Participants attend workshops and are aided by a journalist & professional working team. The guide is often distributed as on-line resource, displayed in exhibitions, Universities, or published in various formats for small and medium sized business’ to hand out free to young people. Typical activities involve visiting local important business’, Government buildings, newspapers, international manufacturing companies, breweries, trips to historical locations. The work normally stays in circulation for a minimum of 1 year. So if you are looking to gain new skills or looking to get a step into a new career simultaneously working in another place while and gaining some new language skills to add to your CV or portfolio you can find more detailed information on our website.

Key Requirements:

We select outgoing individuals who are able to demonstrate commitment, initiative, teamwork, good organisation and the ability to communicate effectively. They have the ability to work individually and within a team environment, are able to tackle new challenges, use their initiative and want to learn a new foreign language from scratch or sharpen knowledge already acquired (only Berlin ) working within a creative team. In adition, skills in indesign/ photoshop are often desirable. You must be open and able to work to challenging deadlines within the vibrant capital city you are writing about.

How To Apply:

Please send us a detailed CV/Resume and an e-mail to explaining which group you would like to join (Edinburgh or Berlin) and exactly why you would like to be a travel writing research journalist within the team. In order to obtain an application form you must state which group you wish to join. Either Edinburgh Spring or Berlin Summer.


6th March 2011 – 27th March 2011 (Edinburgh 3 weeks)

Berlin 3 month semester programme

2nd June 2011 – 25th Aug 2011

1 month programmes Berlin

2nd June 2011 – 28th June 2011
3rd July 2011 – 30th July 2011
2nd Aug 2011 – 29th Aug 2011

2 month programmes Berlin

2nd June 2011 – 26th July 2011
3rd July 2011 – 26th Aug 2011

Note: We always have limited amount of places for all groups with a number of different project start dates. Please also note that costs are involved in relation to accommodation, breakfast, language lessons, professional staff for activities/excursions, workshops etc… Costs vary depending on project and duration . (for a full list of what is included in the cost please request our project info schedule)

Contact Information For All Groups:

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