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The vision of La Ferme du Chou Béni is guided by the principles of regenerative agriculture; regeneration of the land, of the culture, of the economy, and of the built environment. It is beginning on the path as an organic fruit, wine, and livestock farm based around pigs, cows, vineyard and cider orchard. The long-term vision is to create a regenerative farm based around traditional crops and animals that used to be in this area up until 50 years ago.

La Ferme du Chou Béni (The Blessed Cabbage Farm) consists of 5 hectares of arable fields situated in the northwest corner of the Dordogne region in France. Large cities of Bordeaux and Perigueux 1h away, and access to high speed train (1h) to Paris and international airport (1:15h) away.

The buildings date from between the 17th and 19th century, and showcase the beautiful stone and oak structures typical of the area. They consist of a large farmhouse, a small adjacent house, a large barn with cow stalls and pig sties, as well as a bread oven and a wine press.

We are looking for people to help us develop the project in the Spring-Summer of 2019. The successful candidate/s must be hard workers, enthusiastic, passionate about making the world a beautiful place, able to work on their own, flexible and eager to learn. Experience in organic farming or natural building is preferred but not required. As many of the tasks will take time to learn, we ask a minimum stay of 3 months.



Most of spring will consist of natural building restoration, renovating the house and dovecot, repairing stone walls, clay plastering, clay flooring, reframing, insulating, and retiling of the roof.

Farming work to start in mid-spring and increase as year goes on
Preparing and planting large garden
Looking after newly acquired animals; sheep, chickens, and pigs
Preparing and planting a small fruit orchard


As above
Preparing ground for cider orchard and vineyard

Worker(s) will have their own private room and private space in the house. Host will cook and share meals except when away one week per month. During this time host will pay for the food. During summer, host is present full-time. Necessary for worker(s) to complete their tasks independently while host is away.


Single person
35 hours per week
€ 750/month

25 hours per person per week
€ 900/month

Food + board included (vegetarians welcome)
Access to van for personal use
Access to bike and canoe for personal use
Minimum of 3 months, maximum 6
No children


The small local village is 2 miles away and an easy bike ride. There are shops, cinema, pizzeria and a cafe. The river is 2 miles away. 10 miles away is large town, Riberac, where there is a large traditional French market on Fridays and many cultural events throughout the Spring-Summer season.

Farm and surrounds will be quiet during Spring, offering ample time to enjoy nature. Late spring will offer social events locally and in surrounding towns. Going away on long weekends is encouraged.

Canoeing and hiking close by. Situated in classic rolling hills of the French countryside mixed with forests, many rivers, and agricultural land. Mild climate sees the 50’s and 60’s F in March; summers are sunny in the 80’s F. Not humid, cool at night.

Summer will involve a large group of international visitors, creating a lively, festive atmosphere. Host’s son, four years old, will also be present at Easter and most of summer.

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