Teach English at Junior Language Exchange Programme

POLAND / Angloville

Come to Angloville in January 2018 and spend seven days at luxury hotels in the beautiful Polish countryside. All accommodation and meals are provided in exchange for English conversation!

The week is broken up in to conversations and activities aimed at increasing the fluency and confidence of our participants.
Our junior participants are aged from 12-17.
Your role is essentially to talk to and mentor these Polish youths, share stories and interesting things about your own country and culture.

You can choose from a selection of venues to visit with us simply take a look at our website and see which location suits you. https://angloville.com/the-angloville-venues/?v=9b7d173b068d

You can even become tefl certified while taking part in our programmes through our Anglo-tefl scholarship(see website)

Come and meet other Native speakers from all over the world and start your journey with teaching English.

Apply now: https://angloville.com/apply/?v=9b7d173b068d

Expires: Dec 7, 2017


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