Skatepark Leader Needed

PERU / SKIP- Supporting Kids in Peru

SKIP is super excited about this 2 year old project to run a skatepark which was built in a school by a fantastic partner organisation who handed over the long term running of the park to us. We provide skateboarding lessons to children in mornings and afternoons, during their sports classes.

The Skatepark Program Leader will conduct skateboarding classes several times per week at the skatepark, for children aged 6-18 years old.

We have a teaching curriculum which is currently being developed and will set out the structure for the classes. As the skatepark leader you would be able to work with the remote skatepark supervisor to alter and add to the curriculum in ways that you feel would improve the program.

At the skatepark you will be expected to actively engage the children in learning activities, as well as monitoring some free skating time where appropriate, for children to develop their own skills. In addition, you would oversee the other skatepark volunteers from SKIP including both international and local volunteers as well as communicate with the director of the school.


Expires: Jan 1, 2019


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