Research Assistant for Green Sea Turtle Project

COSTA RICA / Volunteer Latin America

This project in Costa Rica is looking for Research Assistants for its green sea turtle monitoring programme. Research Assistants will be trained in sea turtle monitoring techniques and work under the supervision of field coordinators. Research Assistants are responsible for tagging nesting turtles, collecting biometric data from females, recording nesting activity during track surveys, and other pertinent data collection.

Past Research Assistants have gone on to work for conservation organizations, universities and government agencies worldwide. Research Assistants are needed from early June to mid-August, 2018 (Group 1) or early August to early November, 2018 (Group 2).

Research Assistants receive free board and lodging for the entire duration of their stay at the field station.

A full project description, including application instructions, is given on the Volunteer Abroad pages of our website.

Please note Volunteer Latin America request a small fee to provide more information on this volunteer program.

Expires: Mar 12, 2018


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