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Company Introduction
This company is a Dutch yoga apparel brand which a major textile producer has recently purchased in order to bring the brand to Asia starting with Taiwan. This producer also supplies the apparel for Adidas in Asia.

The head company will produce the goods for the subsidiary brand which will then be sold through on-line and in-store retail streams.

They in the start-up phase of the company and are looking for talented marketing and business students to help the business development team kick off the brand here in Taipei. It is a fantastic opportunity to see how a business begins from the ground up and to get involved with something very exciting.

Internship Description:
As a start-up company, this year will mainly be focused on market research including social media research, supporting a website launch (blogging, posting articles, etc.). Also support of product development of apparel – working on samples, pattern specifications, fabric quality – all as a support to a lead Product Developer. Tasks would vary as this is a start-up with lots of different tasks required.

Tasks include but in no way limited to:
+ Social Media Marketing
+ E-commerce Management to help with the set-up of the website
+ Advertising research and strategy
+ Mining social media to find ambassadors and run an Influencers Program to help support initial product marketing
+ Connecting with local bloggers and IG influencers (high followers in local market)
+ General market research for the product range and web shop management once web shop is up and running (not yet in design phase)
+ Day to day responsibilities will be very flexible and could also cover general support of product development, sampling, photo shoots, warehouse support…almost anything that needs to be done!

+ The intern should be flexible to support in anyway needed with this start-up.
+ Strong computer skills, social media savy and ideally have knowledge of apparel production but not a pre-requisite.
+ Most important skills would be a good attitude, willing to learn and be a self-starter.
+ Knowledge of the Chinese language would be a benefit, but if only English-speaking they could adapt the role accordingly.
+ The focus of the job will be on social media marketing so the person needs to be social media savy and ideally already a participant in today’s internet world of Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Tumblr, etc.
+ Have great writing skills to create blogs.
+ Best candidates would be a person who loves sports (specifically Yoga!) so they can relate to the product and customer base they are building.

Apply via email:

Expires: Dec 1, 2017


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