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Ola, Good Morning.
My company IAN ADS LTD looking to get staff to manage my sales force in Spain and Portugal.

The Sales Staff is commission only starting off with a 50% income on business they bring in from company’s web advertising on our quality websites. Example www.whatsoninbarcelona.com or www.whatsoninportugal.com we have over 20 websites for businesses to advertise on, and many big contracts coming through in the next few months.

The Operations Manager needs to look after the Salesforce and ensure that business is coming in each week, plus to be able to train and motivate his team. He will be responsible for the whole of Portugal Operations side and will report to myself on a weekly basis, must be able to speak English as well. He should expect to earn in excess of 100,000 Euro per year

If you can help me find staff around 12 Salesforce and 1 Operations Manager. Please get back to me soon.

Many Thanks
Ian Graham
Portugal and Spain MD
Please contact me whatsoninspain.iangraham@gmail.com.

Expires: Aug 18, 2017


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