Multitasking help for B&B in Chile

CHILE / Terrace Lodge

Terrace Lodge & Tours is a very small family business, run by an Italian couple. We sell accommodation and excursions in Putre, Region of “Arica y Parinacota”, Chile.

We need help for no less than 3 consecutive months. It is better if you come from a MERCOSUR country since it is easier to get a working visa. It is also easier if you are already in Chile, working with a temporary permit.

You will help at: reception, customer care, room set-up and cleaning, translations for guests who don’t speak any Spanish, other simple and basic tasks.
Putre is at 3.560 meters above sea level. It is not an easy environment. You must be fit and motivated. The village has no cinema, no discotheques, no modern world facilities etc. Internet is available in the village and Terrace Lodge.

We offer lodging and meals, reimbursement for basic expenses such as local bus tickets.


Expires: Dec 31, 2018


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