Marketing coordinator

PERU / Cultivating Children’s Health

Marketing Coordinating Position
Your principal responsibilities will be to obtain volunteers and make international connections.

You will be required to possess the following attributes:
* Be a professional or student of international business, marketing, social work, or psychology.
* Have at least 3 months of experience forming groups of volunteers and making international connections.
* Possess at least an intermediate level of Spanish language ability
* Be conversational in at least 3 languages.
* Have a desire to experience living in Peru.

The position offers the following benefits:
* Experience as a coordinator of an NGO.
* A renewable 3-month contract
* The opportunity to live in Trujillo, Peru, which possesses a warm climate throughout the year. It is the origin of ceviche, a dish recognized worldwide, and the marinera dance. It is only a 40 minute journey from the beach of Huanchaco, and 1 hour with 20 minutes from the mountains of northern Peru.
* A nice house that is a 25 minute walking distance to the city center. It is 40 minutes by bus to the beach of Huanchaco, the capital of surging in South America. You have a private room, a bathroom with hot water, internet, and kitchen available in case you wish to cook.
* With respect to payment, the money received from volunteering fees will form the basis of remuneration, and you will be paid commiserate with the amount of volunteers enrolled in the program. Volunteers are essential to develop the programs and for staff to receive salaries. Our objective is to have volunteers every month!
* Peru is a country with an improving economy and is a good place to do business. We have many natural resources and a diverse climate, including coasts and jungles. We have the best airport in South America in Lima, which is the most visited South American capital in recent times and is noted for having tremendous cultural opportunities and for its access to the sea. Lima is proud to boast the best food in South America, and offer the chance to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu, which is a true wonder of the world and the most visited tourist destination on the continent.

Job description:
You will be required to:
* Form groups of volunteers from all over the world to come to Peru and participate in the organization’s four programs: 1. Health, 2. Economy, 3. Education and 4. Care and Protection of the Environment.
* Make connections throughout the world with universities, colleges, churches and organizations that want to come to Peru to perform volunteering and tourist activities. You will be asked to(use different web pages and volunteer/tourism networks in order to accomplish this.
* It is very important that we have volunteers to work in our programs. Volunteers pay volunteering fees and that money is used both for their various expenses in Peru and to help support the programs. It also provides a salary for those employed by our organization! It is most desirable for you to be fluent or at least conversational in French and German, as well as the quintessential languages of English and Spanish.

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Expires: Dec 20, 2018


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