Looking for native UK English speakers for a speech recording project!

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Appen has a brand-new UK ENGLISH Telephony Speech Collection project and we’d like to invite you to take part in it. You’d be directly enhancing speech technologies in UK English language and you will be earning money for having four short phone calls with your family or friends.

Have 4 fifteen-minute conversations using your mobile phone, at no cost! The conversations are recorded, but no personally identifiable data will be retained.

We will provide you with everything you need for the task: an access to a web interface for call recordings, a pool of topics to choose from (for example: holiday, cinema, friends, finance) and an attractive incentive paid via Paypal or Payoneer of $50 USD (≅ £37 ) for the 4 phone calls (however, if you do less than 4, we’ll pay you proportionally).

You and the receiver(s) must:
• be older than 18 years
• be native speakers of UK ENGLISH living in United Kingdom (both callers should have an UK English accent – from England)
• not have already participated in this project for more than 4 calls
• have your own mobile phone (no landlines can be used)

To register for the task, click on the link below. Please ensure you complete all steps of the registration process.


We’d love to have you help us with this project! When we have reached the desired number of participants the project will end so don’t delay!

Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

The Appen Global Team

Expires: Dec 20, 2018


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