SPAIN > Come help at a Naturist Guest House in Sunny Spain! Do you have a smile? Enjoy the sun and consider yourself social, happy and willing help in all aspects of running a guest house!Read More >
JAPAN > Seeking motivated individuals to work at one of two locations. In Tokyo our volunteers live and work at an animal shelter. Volunteers are expected to see to the daily care of the animals needs.Read More >
DOMINICA > Greetings, we own a bush bar with a beautiful flower garden up the Indian River in the island of Dominica (not the Dominican Republic). We are seeking help in the bartending, help in the kitchen and also assistance in the garden. Read More >
SPAIN > A recognised Cambridge English Preparation Centre has a vacancy for an English Teacher in Lanzarote from September 2020 until June 2021.Read More >
UKRAINE > Ukraine invites students for the largest volunteering programme in Eastern Europe! The GoCamp programme is calling for students from all over the world to come to Ukraine and teach kids English, French and German at school camps all over the country!Read More >
EGYPT > Full Concept Entertainment have free vacancies for females to work as animator (Sports, dance, Kids) in Egypt. If you have never worked in this career, but there is a great desire, then you should try! We find the best position specific to your needs.Read More >
GREECE > SeaCrete is owner of 3 family resort hotels that are looking for 2 kids & 4 sport animators and 1 polyvalent animator.Read More >
SPAIN ITALY > We are currently selecting for great hotels in Spain and Italy Entertainer for Kids or Sport. Entertainer should take care of the public relation with all guests and organizing activities for adults of various nationality.Read More >
ITALY > Applyfortourism BV is a Dutch entertainment company looking for young, motivated and international staff for a seasonal job as entertainer in Italy.Read More >
FRANCE PORTUGAL > We are looking to recruit volunteers to support the work of the Portuguese Red Cross and French Red Cross for 12-month placements (September 2020 - August 2021).Read More >