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Experience life in the mystical land of China. Teach children basic oral English skills. Empower a new generation of learners.

At Edcentric Teaching we are always looking for hopeful teachers who want the next challenge in life. Maybe you’re unhappy with your current job, feel like you’re going nowhere. Maybe you just want a change of pace. Maybe you just really want to mix things up and start afresh in a new country. We can help. We offer many different jobs, mainly at kindergarten level with good salary packages and housing and visa provided for you. It couldn’t be simpler to make the transition.

We have many current and former teachers who have changed their lives completely by coming to China to teach. Our customer service will be with you every step of the way. From the moment you step foot on Chinese soil to the moment you decide to head back home. We offer a great package for newcomers and even people who are well versed to life in China.

All we require is someone who is great around children and has a passion to teach. Get in contact with us and we’ll handle the rest.

Become an Edcentric Teacher today.

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Expires: May 20, 2017


Please be careful when looking for jobs abroad on the internet. We advise you to research any employer before accepting a job offer. For more information see our Warnings, Safety and Spotting Scams page.


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