Japan hospitality work

JAPAN / luzmodo

*Requirements: college degree, JLPT N3。*

The info is as follows:
Salary: from 737¥ ~ 180,000¥, according to performance.

This is a jointed recruitment. There are a few hotels/inn in Saga, Oita, Kagoshima and kumamoto ,etc. More info please contact me

work time per day= 7~9 hours, shift work.

Dormitory and staff meals provided with very low fee.

We help you get the working visa needed.
If you are already in Japan with a working visa as Engineer, specialist in humanities or international services, then there is no fee. If you don’t we’ll send your application form to the company specialized in this, which costs 50000¥. You only have to pay this when the visa is issued successfully.

If you are interested in the occupations above, please contact us at luzmodo02@gmail.com.

Expires: Mar 15, 2018


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