Internship with children in the Peruvian Andes, educational and emotional support to children of Quechua origin in risk and abandonment

PERU / Sharing Dreams Project

We invite you to participate and develop your professional skills in a project aimed at providing support, encouragement, educational and emotional assistance to children who live at risk.

These children come from Quechua migrant families from areas within the Peruvian Andes and have been affected by political violence, social, economic and cultural marginalization, in general, by extreme poverty (poverty map of the Peruvian government). The project is being developed in areas around the Mantaro Valley in the central Andes of Peru. These areas lack basic services and hygiene, and are populated by dysfunctional families that are subject to problems of sexism, domestic violence, alcoholism, among others. We intervene directly in the areas and communities, using a holistic approach and doing a direct social work.

We are a civil organization that promotes volunteering, operating with a flat structure and working directly with communities. We undertake teamwork and promote the self-development of communities. Our projects are carried out in situ, without intermediaries. In addition, we offer a real and fun method of cultural exchange.

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Requirements for volunteers:

* You must be over 20 years old.
*ability to work with young children and mothers
* Must be tolerant, adaptable and positive.
* Person with great motivation and who accepts to meet challenges.
*Teamwork capacity
* Be open to integrate a multicultural team.
* (optional) have some level of Spanish
* it is not necessary to have experience or specialization
* contact or communication via Skype and / or social network

we offer:

*continuous support
* work in a team
* continuous practice training
* basic food
* basic materials
* Basic and intermediate Spanish practical course
* Free guided tours on weekends (villages, crafts, lakes, mountains, jungle and others)
Exchange courses in meals, cakes, dances, native herbal drinks etc
know the Inca language, culture and cosmovision (mysticism) in a practical way


Our organization is directed by people with training and experience in humanitarian and social areas, our work has more than 8 years of social work, their skills are integrated as part of a team, we are not improvised in this matter, our social work is direct in areas where there is a great need for help for people in extreme poverty (in the Andes of Peru) and where the true culture of Peru still survives. The Andean culture, cradle of the Inca civilization.

We combine this with an intense and fun cultural exchange experience, excursions and expeditions to many interesting places in the mountain / jungle and workshops. If you are one of the people Who want to do real and rewarding work in places where you can still see the Inca-Andean living culture this is your place.

Expires: Nov 11, 2019


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