Internship in preventive health, nutrition, holistic health with populations in extreme poverty in the Andes of Peru

PERU / Sharing Dreams Project

Our organization invites you to participate and develop your professional abilities in a project aimed at providing support and assistance to the population, children and women who come from migrant families from areas within the Peruvian Andes, and that have been affected by political violence, social , Economic and cultural marginalization and extreme poverty (Ayacucho, Huancavelica, central rainforest etc.) areas declared in extreme poverty in Peru.

The project is being developed in the Mantaro Valley, in the Peruvian Andes, in areas where there is a lack of basic services and hygiene. The focus is on dysfunctional families that suffer from social, economic and health problems.
It is also important to note that all of these families and especially children are prone to suffer easily preventable diseases, ailments and sequelae, our job is to give the necessary information and education to these people so they can prevent and improve their health And nutrition.

We intervene directly in these areas and communities, using a holistic approach and undertaking direct social work house by house and in the premises that we rent in the same field of work, we prefer this form of work instead of going to hospitals or clinics, due to Which is in these areas where there are no medical or professional services to support these people if necessary

***we offer :

-Accommodation in a comfortable and comfortable room
-Formation and continuous counseling by an advisor specialized in social, cultural and preventive health
-work in a team with a very human relationship.
-constancy issued by a legally established and accredited non-profit organization
-Improve your level of Spanish in a theoretical and mainly practical.
-exchange courses in: Peruvian meals, desserts or cocktails.
– weekends, excursions to many places such as mountains and Andean lakes, artisan villages, pre-Inca ruins, waterfalls and jungle areas and others, are non-commercial.
– (optional) to experience the Andean energies, yoga and Andean reiki.
-information detail of the Inca culture, travel and geography of Peru

For more details and more information, visit our website: Http://

* Requirements for Volunteers:
-children or person with training in health and nutrition as well as emotional health and ecology
– You must be over 20 years of age.
– possess a tolerant, adaptable and positive mentality as well
– ability to integrate and work in a multicultural team
– Spanish basic level,
– It is also possible the participation of people without training or specialization, but who are interested in helping in the area.


Expires: Aug 14, 2018


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