Head manager for pub crawl

MALAYSIA / Kuala Lumpur Pub Crawl

We’re currently looking for an outgoing and motivated individual to run our weekly events, marketing, and also manage our partner relations in Kuala Lumpur.

You’d be getting the job of a lifetime, where your job largely consists of making people happy by going out and partying with them, all whilst living in a tropical country with close access to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Malaysia also offers the added bonus of cheap and convenient travel to other countries in Southeast Asia. This is a full time job … however the hours are very flexible.

The Kuala Lumpur Pub Crawl has been running for more than 4 years now, and is listed within the top rated nightlife events by Tripadvisor users. We host pub crawls on Thursdays & Saturdays for both locals & tourists.

This position offers you a great way of meeting new people and earning money for going out and socializing (as opposed to spending money). The position is available immediately, so the sooner you can start, the better.

If interested, please send an application via email explaining why we should hire you, and how you can help grow the pub crawl.

Omar Chelbat

Expires: Mar 31, 2018


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