Experienced animal attendant, groomer or dog obedience trainer

AUSTRALIA / Swan Hill Pet Boarding

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Animal Attendant

The bullet points below describe most of the tasks that may be required in your position and therefore constitute your job description.

• Experienced for over 3 years working in a kennels, dog grooming or as a dog obedience trainer and able to verify experience for purpose of visa requirement
• prepare food (including special diets) and deliver food and water to animals
• clean and prepare comfortable sleeping quarters for animals
• clear away animal waste; clean, disinfect and look after animal enclosures and cages; and check locks
• Take effective and clear photos of pets playing or being cared for
• bathe and groom animals
• treat minor injuries and report serious health problems
• transfer animals safely between enclosures
• maintain animal records
• talk with the public and other staff.
• inspect and test animals for worm infestation and disease
• clean and disinfect cages and facilities, and sterilise equipment
• Carry out equipment repairs where required
• Carry out property maintenance where required including gardening
• Carry out building works where required
• Carry out grooming of pets that include, brushing, washing, clipping, stripping, ear plucking, nails, de-matting etc
• Ensure that all documentation is completed correctly and that each pet is identifiable
• Exercise pets as instructed
• Play and cuddle pets as instructed
• Sell products to customers onsite and during events or pop up shops
• Attending promotions, in-store demos and markets as required
• Any other duties related to the needs of the business and its properties
• Attend on/off site training as required by the business
• To deputise for the owners as required for days off and holiday cover
• Reconcile takings for the day/week
• Take bookings accurately and ensuring that boarding conditions are met
• Collect and drop off pets to owners premises
• Identifying stock requirements and reporting where necessary
• Cleaning public areas
• Organising displays of products and/or services
• Enter photos onto company Facebook page and maintain website information

Personal Requirements:
• enjoy practical and manual activities
• free from allergies aggravated by animal hair, fur and dust
• able to undertake manual and sometimes heavy work
• able to handle animals with confidence and patience
• interested in animals and their welfare
• observant and methodical.
• interest in dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horse/ponies, sheep and any other animal we have onsite
• calm, confident demeanor with dogs & cats
• patience with owners
• interpersonal and communication skills
• perseverance
• alert to changes in animals behavior
• Honest and reliable
• Industrious
• Basic computer skills using Microsoft
• Happy disposition

Nationalities Accepted/Visa Requirements: https://www.border.gov.au/

Expires: Feb 28, 2017


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