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BRAZIL / Eco Caminhos

Our Eco Farm situated in the beautiful mountains near Nova Friburgo offers volunteers the opportunity to learn about permaculture, bioconstruction and organic farming. But we believe that most of all you will learn about yourself.

Here the different programmes we offer.

1.Eco Experience (1 -8 weeks).
Eco Experience is a programme that is desined for people that want an authentic Eco Experience in Brazil. You will be placed in a local Brazilian family where you live the Brazilian culture and will be able to speak Portuguese on a daily basis. During the week  you will participate in bioconstruction and farming activities at Eco Caminhos. There are also special trips and activities organized for you to enjoy the natural beautify of the region.

2. Short Term Paid Volunteering (6 – 12 weeks)
– This option is for volunteers who want to commit between 1-12 weeks to learn and develop their skills in bio construction, eco -farming or permaculture. They will work around 20 hours a week (3 days) and the rest of the time they can learn Portuguese and partake in many other activities which can be arranged by the coordination team. If the volunteer enjoys the programme and they show their worth, there is the option for them to step up to the long term volunteer programme(s). (Fees are on the website)

3. Long term volunteering – Full time (+ 1 yr)
This option is great for volunteers who want to commit long term and really get their hands dirty at the farm (40 hours a week). We expect volunteers on this programme to stay a minimum of a year as accommodation and board is provided. Once you have worked for 3-6 months, we can help you realize your own ambitions and dreams in Brazil and begin to set up your own projects and manage them to fruition.

For Eco Experience and short-term volunteering your require no experience.
For the long-term volunteer programme you require experience in bioconstruction, conventional construction, farming or eco toursm. It is also possible to jump from the short-term volunteer program into the long-term programme.

The long term volunteer programme is free.
The short-term and Eco Experience programme have fees you can find on our website.


Expires: May 1, 2019


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