Drylands Management Coordinator

SPAIN / Sunseed Desert Technology

Sunseed is an off-grid educational project based in southern Spain, providing hands-on and practical activities for in low-impact living and sustainability for local and international volunteers.

Key Responsibilities

Implement and monitor a management plan for land restoration while fighting erosion, drought and restoring vegetal cover of the land.
Maintain a low-tech tree nursery, ensuring the appropriate production of trees and shrubs for use in the drylands development.
Incorporating volunteers into the work and methodology and development of their own projects to satisfactory completion.
Writing and supervising the production of reports, documenting larger projects, preparing projects proposals, producing literature.
Maintain tools, instruct on their proper use and apply safety rules

Other Responsibilities:

Maintain and build walls, paths, steps, fences and boundary markers.
Use low impact, sustainable methods of composting, safe wastewater management and erosion control.
Vegetation management including planting, pruning and harvesting.
Keeping clear records of the boundaries of our various parcels of land, of their geology, hydrology and plant cover, and of how they are changing over time.
Communicating our aims to a wide audience, online, in the village and elsewhere.

Essential Skills:

Experience and knowledge of drylands management, land resoration, water management and/or any related areas.
Tolerance of hard physical work in hot conditions.
Ability to lead and motivate volunteers, who range from those with a wealth of experience to those with little or none.
Ability to work in co-operation with other departments.

Desirable Skills:

Good spoken Spanish and English, (and/or other European Language) or willingness to learn
Previous experience living in a community environment
Age 25+, full driving license, for at least 5 years
Experience of Health and Safety issues
Sense of humour

More info: http://www.sunseed.org.uk/about-us/staff-vacancies/drylands-management-coordinator/

Expires: Apr 30, 2019


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