Dog lovers, a handy horse lover and a cooking lover for a long term volunteering project

HUNGARY / Little Nosesland

Dog lovers and handy horse lover for a long term volunteering project

“Pet Finders Rescue Dogs ” team from Little Nosesland association is looking for several long term volunteers minimum one year, who love to be surrounded with dogs and will help taking care of our dogs, Giving food,water, walking with the dogs, cleaning the sleeping places, Optional If you like: dog training and dog rescue training and the possibility, (when having enough experience) to give workshops in the countries you like.

Handy horse and dog lover for a long term volunteering project

“Unicorn horses” from Little Nosesland.We are looking for a long term volunteer female-male to take care of the horses: giving food and water, cleaning the stable and making fences for the horses and dogs,…
The horses are treated with love not with domination. Possibility to become part of the team.

Cooking lover with green fingers to let grow the vegetables
The home base is in a very beautiful place in the mid of trees and fields in Hungary. Age 16 – 20 years, +20 possible if you are very motivated. Little Nosesland is a project from volunteers from all over the world for the world. More information about Little Nosesland on and

Please contact us on with some information about yourself, your motivation and your questions.
Looking forward meeting you, Be happy! Robin

Expires: May 1, 2019


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