Category Working Holidays & Work Exchanges

SPAIN > At Mad4You Hostel Madrid we are opening our patio Bar for the summer! We need a fun, hard working volunteer that is willing to create a nice atmosphere while serving at the bar!Read More >
FRANCE > We are looking for volunteers for gardening, general repairs and to share new projects or ideas. Diversity is the key to enrich this place so the perfect volunteer is not any particular person, there is no "typical" profile.Read More >
USA > Are you hard-working? Fun and friendly and want to greet and socialize with all the international travelers?Read More >
THAILAND > Currently we are looking for Volunteers for medium to long term stays. Looking for people that have traveled already in Thailand before arriving here. Read More >
TURKEY > We need help with gardening and farming/organic (incl.weeding) building and maintenance, help in the house (washing and cleaning), animal care (dogs, cats and chicken), pool cleaning e.t.c. while enjoying with the guests.Read More >
GREECE > Skyros, the leading learning holiday requires volunteer staff (work scholars) for its holiday centre called Atsitsa on Skyros island in Greece. Set in an idyllic location, this is an exceptional holiday centre offering a wide range of courses and a unique community-based environment.Read More >
SWEDEN > We need someone for our winter campsite in Sweden. A person who will work at the ski-lift for 5 hours a day. Lots of free time.Read More >
NEW ZEALAND > Hello my partner Rob and I run and own a boutique accommodation. We have 3 rooms with a maximum of 7 guest at any one time. Our property has large formal gardens that need constant maintenance.Read More >
FRANCE > We welcome, every year, few trainees (French and/or foreigners) and are always looking for new trainees interested in tourism. The vacancy we propose is at the reception. Read More >
UK > Would you like to Learn Cider Making in England? We are a traditional cider farm in Cornwall, UK. We grow all our apple apples and make cider and apple juice. Read More >